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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Got Fired After Speaking Up

by Candis
(Washington, DC)

Worked on a project for about a year, I had a total of 5 managers within that time. Place was unorganized. Anyway, the last supervisor was over the top. When he came, he tried to create an instant bond with me, he was super friendly and super caring. However, I did not let him in. I saw who he really was. He then tried to intimidate me, by telling me that he wants to me come to his office every morning to say good morning to him. I basically told him to kick rocks.

He then told me that he's not afraid of me. To make a long story short... he could not scratch without someone doing it for me. He was totally helpless. I called out sick one day, the next day I went to work, he was pissed that I did not come in. He sent an e-mail demanding to know the cause of my illness and the reason I did not participate in the meeting even though I called in sick. WTF! I replied to the email and told him I took a sick day that's why I did not participate. He did not like my response.

At the end of the day, my contracting company fired me for no reason. I did not bother to investigate, my reasons being, if they are going to believe what he said about me without giving me a chance to defend myself, then they are on the same level as he his. Therefore, it was best to cut my losses and move on. I am glad that I did not get entangled with this asshole because I saw his true nature right away. So nothing was a surprise to me. I believe he fired me to have one of his friends get my job. Oh well, that friendship will not last too long once they see how needy and off the wall he is. That's karma in action, for the person who took my job.

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Dirty Words Don't Help
by: Anonymous

If you persist in saying asshole, piss and WTF around a bully, it only incites them more.

Not complete.
by: Anonymous

At my company, contractors can be released at any time. You may have been a disruption to the work place with your attitude.

Now I believe I have been workplace mobbed myself, by people going after my job. What did your boss really do wrong, except maybe find out about your reputation, and maybe over extend himself to you.

You may have missed that there were other people talking about you with those who fired you.

I would advise having a friend provide a second impartial review of any situation that you encounter. Your interpretation may not be corret. Sorry.

confused and disillusioned
by: Anonymous

working with a piece of work MCP who bullied me and belittled me for months. went to management and was told to grow thicker skin. it continued. this douche bag even bullied one of the owners, but all was forgiven between the two and he was allowed back in. he continued victimizing me and slowly my duties were cut back to the point where there was no interaction between us, which created just a wee bit of tension in the office - of course, I got the blame for that. received some bullshit excuse of a letter stating that I was let go because of problems with customers and staff and how it was a business decision. doesn't make sense seeing how they continued to have me working with customers and had given me a raise and a hefty bonus less than 30 days before. assholes.

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