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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Happy Ending!

Hello everyone. This is my short story. There is a bully at work. The bully targeted so many people for years for so many different reasons, but none where to climb a ladder. It just didn't make sense to any of us as to what this person was up too. I think it was just for attention.

At first the bully was believed by many, but as the years went by, and this bully picked on us one by one this bully started to lose respect. The bully had co-workers in the HR office, up for charges, trying to get people fired, you name it. It was a frightening thing. All of the bully's claims where dropped because of lack of evidence, but the hell the bully put these people through, myself included, was awful.

This bully gained strength because of management's lack of knowledge and laziness to do anything about it. The bully would cry (literally tears) to management and tell them boo hoo stories to make management feel sorry for them, and management always gave the bully a ear, a shoulder and the benefit of the doubt even with the bully's long history of complaints and even at the cost of others going on stress leave because of the bully.

One day the bully was flirting with another person. A common thing this bully does. I believe this bully finally backed themselves into a wall and was afraid of their spouse finding out, so the bully up and quit (even though management did their 'sweep it under the rug' routine). Just like that.

What a total shock and happy day it was for all us who where tormented and bullied by this person for years.

So I would just like to personally thank you bully for doing that for all of us. You have brought great joy and a wonderful sense of relief to all your fellow co-workers, we really can't thank you enough. It's the nicest thing you've ever done for anyone. Work just isn't the same without you, it's way better now that your gone!

PS the cake we had in your celebration was yummy!

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Hooray for your good ending!
by: Kansas Gal

What a wonderful happy ending for a change, to a bullying story.

And I loved the cake celebration part most of all!
Cheers to you all! (I hope someone anonymously sends a copy of your posted comment to the bully!)

This gives me courage and hope to stand up and let the world know about the city council bullies who illegally confiscated our nonprofit organization trailer three years ago and refuse to return it... we want to find a way to raise the funds to buy a new one in bright red and celebrate, too... showing small town city hall bullies we don't need their corrupt games and faux power.

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