What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Harassed At Every Job I Had

by T

To start off, I will refer myself to as "T" in these situations. I am a 25 year old female, and I decided to focus my all in getting a bachelors instead of working these jobs.

I was a nursing assistant (CNA) since 2014 at various nursing homes. I was never able to land a job in a hospital but I decided this CNA BS is not the job for me anymore. When I was a CNA, I was always the youngest and shortest CNA there at 5'2". I got messed with at every nursing home. I would ask for help with lifting and transferring a resident, the other CNAS would say they are busy or disappear. But almost every shift, I was asked for help constantly to the point where I was behind in my own work.

I was hired in 2016 at this nursing home. This CNA was going around in residents rooms (the more alert ones) talking shit to them and when I came in the room to do my job, the resident would scream at me saying I am a bad worker. I told the charge nurse about it saying the resident is denying my care when it's the first time I seen her. I was trying to feed the residents during dinner time. 3 women ganged up on me, they kept hogging all the residents that need to be fed and was ordering me to pick up the trays instead. The fourth floor which is memory care was flooding and they made me clean it up while they gossiped at the nurses station. I had incidents when I needed help because someone is falling, I would yell for help and no one came. I ended up fired because of it. I haven't been working as a CNA for about a year now. Now the CNA field wasn't the only place I got harassed in.

I worked as a cashier at Rite Aid, I got bullied. Coworker would nitpick everything I do and make a huge deal about it, gossiping to other coworkers about me. One example, it was slow so I was stocking up the areas near my front register. This girl I worked with said my back was turned, she could have jumped over the counter and stole cigs. She kept talking about it for 10 mins and told the manager about it. Then she spent 20 mins talking about how my voice is flat, it's one toned and it's weird. WHAT THE HELL. She got on my last nerves. I didn't last long there.

Then I was a bar hostess for 2 days, I quit that too. This 27 year old chick kept nitpicking me and stalking everything I do. I was new there, the bar/restaurant just opened so they had 3 girls training up at the bar hostess area. I saw that 27 year old chick sit people down and forgot to give them the menu. I didn't say nothing to her. But every time I seated people down in a section, she would walk over to their table looking for mistakes. She came up to my face yelling "You forgot to give the kids the coloring books" in front of everybody.

I recently obtained a job as a temp in a mailing room. I was hired specifically for the weekends only and already I am being hated on. It is so stupid and ignorant, I was there 3 weeks and left. I was fine until I was asked to be trained under this woman "C". If I open my mouth and ask her anything or say anything, she started acting like I did something to her when I just met her. For example, I just made a comment saying isn't it funny how this company has lock boxes that people send payments and correspondences to. She started saying out loud "that is what you are hired for, that's why you are here, if they didn't have lock boxes they wouldn't even need you here". She said it in a rude tone. I made a very angry face at her and didn't respond. Through out the day, her and her best friend coworker kept looking for mistakes that I did so they can yell about it out loud.

When I worked with another woman that is scanning my batch of files, that woman did not say anything to me for 12 hours, she didn't complain about anything with me, meaning that I really did a good job. But when I worked with the two women, they kept complaining about me non-stop. The woman C kept asking me weird rude questions like she is clearly making up things about me. She was sitting there asking me if I smoke weed, do drugs and pop pills. She was asking me what else do I do when I am off work .

I asked her does this company allow someone to work doubles. When I was a CNA, they use the term Double for working a 16 hour shift. The woman never heard the term Double before and started busting out laughing loud as hell saying what is a double to her best friend. I was so annoyed I was at my limit and it was only 2 days working with them. If I say anything to them, they either bust out laughing at me or act like I did something. I never showed up the following week. I am calling the staffing agency to quit this Friday.

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