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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Have To Give To My Non-Profit?

by Deb
(Lansing, MI, USA)

I work for a small non-profit but one with huge political connections. About a week ago my boss gave us all a letter that was written by the chairman of the board requesting that we donate to the organization we work for. Basically said that all non-profits ask their board and employees to donate to them and some funding sources look to see if an organization has 100% participation.

When my boss gave us the letter she said that this kind of annual letter was standard in the non-profit world but it was just a one time letter and we wouldn't hear anything about it again. Also said that no one would know who gave, or how much. OK.

Well, one, both my husband and I have worked in non-profits our entire career and this didn't seem standard to me. But whatever. Two, I don't really believe in the work we do, for me it is just a job. So I didn't plan to donate. Thought that would be the end of it. Nope.

Got an email from the President/CEO the other day saying that I was one of the few that hadn't made a donation yet and basically to reconsider and if I needed more time to consider a donation to come she her. I thought, no I have decided, don't need any more time, good to go.

Well, just got called into my bosses office asking about my donation. She said that she thought maybe I had forgotten. I said nope, all set. Well she told me that they are almost at 100% and that I might be talked to by the President and CEO. I then volunteered that I give my money to another charity and she said that even a $1 would be good (of course so they can get their 100%). At this point I am not giving a dime.

What happened to no one knowing about it and the initial letter being the only thing we would get. When I got the letter I thought that it was going to be a problem. Instead of the donations going to an external accounting firm or something, anything external, they were suppose to be given to the President and CEO. So if she knew who did and didn't give then you can bet my boss would know and that is exactly what happened. I will now be on the shit list I am sure but I will not give a dime at this point.

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Donating to your organisation
by: Linda Guirey

Well done you, for standing up for what you believe and not giving in. I had a similar situation where the non-profit that I worked for came up with a scheme that we could donate a small amount of money each week from our pay, back to the organisation we worked for. Like you I was stunned.

I had no intention of donating back to the organisation that I was working for, who were condoning bullying within that organisation on several fronts, who had incompetent management and who did not pay their employees a fair wage. So I never did. The difference here is that they didn't come looking for it, but they did know who was donating.

You just stick to your guns. Clearly the values of this organisation are questionable if they are forcing staff to do this. Perhaps you need to look elsewhere for an organisation that lives and breathes its values rather than one that puts them in the bottom drawer and never looks at them again.

Linda Guirey - Professional Speaker, facilitator and business coach

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