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He Just Wanted To Go To School

by Mom
(Charlotte, no)

My son just began middle school. I have apprehension about this school because my daughter had gone there and was bullied. But he really wanted to go, so he could be with his friends he had known since kindergarten.

Our son is thin and does wear glasses and became a target immediately. I worry every single day as to what is going to happen to my son at school. There are a few good days in between all of the bad days. That is what keeps him wanting to go back.

I absolutely hate the school, but haven't said that to him. My husband says of course "just stick your chest", they won't bother you... I hate that boys gotta be tough and come out of character to not be bullied.

I'm at a loss as to what to do. Oh by the way, he did get pushed down twice, punched in his stomach and punched in his arm... several times. Of course he doesn't know the kids, and he may not, because a lot of the kids came from other elementary schools.

Help, what to do?

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