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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

He Said She Said

I work in a retail store, recently a new manger, approached me, during hours, in a public customer place, and said "he (name not included) said you said I was following him around like a puppy dog, and not doing my job, and that I had made other comments. My reply was real mature here, I have other stuff to do and I walked away. (He said she said). I told her I did. I wasn't on the clock when I said it to the guy (whom, in return did repeat it, because he was mad that she hung up on him in their personal time, all of us tease the guy, including the other guys, about this manager.

When I made the statement, I was on lunch, and off the clock and not in the store, it had been a busy day, and I needed help and she said she couldn't help, because she was helping, him stock a product that honestly doesn't require two people. I waited till work was over, and me and this younger manger, where on the black top, in the parking lot, and I told her she was immature, and to @#$&*^ off, that I didn't have to be her friend when I was off the clock, and to go home and cry to her mommy, princess, but that I did respect her in the building. However; it is hard not to laugh because she is constantly whining that she doesn't know what she is suppose to do, and that everyone hates her, and that people are talking about her.

Mean time, I told the male co-worker to leave me alone, and that he was a very good friend to repeat that sarcastically, already knowing that she doesn't like. I haven't talked about her to anyone, I actually nominated her for a gold star pin, a week prior to this, because she is trying so hard. She filed a report that I was harassing her, when I actually have told people to not involve me in their gossip, and I didn't want to hear. Meantime, everyone in the store thinks I threatened her, in the parking lot, and she is lying. She actually said to my face we are like family its a hate love situation. She is lying. I had told the manager when I learned of her promotion, she had issues with me.

Our managers play favorites. A month before this occurred, I got a position in which she applied for as well, I am qualified for it, and am trying to clean up issues from not having this position empty. She ran around the store yesterday, telling everyone lies and that I threatened her. Under no circumstances would I do that, and I am not a butt kisser, and never have been. I hear the managers playing favorites all time. Every week it is someone different, in my statement (she went to upper management and lied) Her negative energy is effecting my work ethics and job. I would never tell anyone off in a store (children are around for starters, not to mention I NEED my JOB).

I can deal with her immaturity because its apparent I have can be immature as well, however; she is the GMs princess right now. Tattle tail, and the people talking about her, really shouldn't be. Yet, the only person, I have said anything to, is a assistant manager trying to figure out why dislikes me, prior to this. She ran around telling everyone yesterday, that I am the trouble maker, I have worked for this company over a year, and have people set up to be fired. I need the job, not the drama. Thing is we were walking to our cars, when I said what I said and in the parking lot. I also refused to talk about the parking lot without a District Manager or lawyer present, a third party, without favorites. The lawyer was to prove the parking lot was not owned by the company, I wasn't in uniform either...

But I am not bullying her, talking about her, other than to one person, the HE who repeated what I said. I had a line, and she constantly says, I can't help I am on my way out, I was suppose to be off today. We both have bi-polar, and she is constantly using it as a excuse. Yet, she has never mentioned her therapist, or medication management. Both are important to mental health. Only she forgot to get a new prescription. The same person was home schooled, because she has social anxiety problems. Why is she telling me all of this. I can't stand her, and I set my expectations high, in a work place, because I had a mental breakdown, and lost my H.R. position with a another company. Who is the bully?

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Reply: He said/She said
by: Anonymous

I understand that the workplace can be frustrating, but simply, do not make negative comments about anyone, ever. There is always someone who will take what you said out of context - either the person you made the comment to, or the person the comment was about.

Inside or outside the workplace doesn't matter. What we do outside of work, does impact what happens at work.

This is a situation that is best left alone now. Go to work, do your job and then focus on yourself and your family outside of work.

Hope this helps.

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