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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Health Worker Bullied At Work

Being a motivated and enthusiastic member of staff I applied for a promotion. Three members of staff were interviewed. During the interview I was prevented from answering two questions by the same manager. No member of HR present in the interview. I was called and told the person they gave the job to scored more highly than myself on the interview questions.

Some time later an acting up position was advertised. I applied. The manager called me to say they had decided not to bother with the post as they had decided to manage the off duty with the staff they already had in post. The following day HR sent me an email saying the post had been with drawn due to a lack of interest.

Following this I had decided to come off night duty following negotiation with occupational health. Immediately the acting up post was advertised again but I was told I could not apply because I don't do nights anymore. In discussion with a senior member of staff dealing with terms and conditions of employment I revealed my experience who told me I was being discriminated against and that was not allowed.

Thinking back to the overall experience I began to feel rejected and hurt. My husband suggested I had a chat with one of the managers as to why this was happening as if I was doing something they did not like I should know about it so I could correct it. This led to a meeting with managers where I was told I needed to get my health up to scratch! I had not had any time off sick for 12 months prior to this. The manager told me that I worried her. I asked why I worried her? Her reply was because you are raking things up from almost 2 years ago. The manager then turned on me and asked why I did not work night duty anymore and decided that she would send me back to occupational health to get this decision reviewed.

I had asked for support from the union representative who said she was going to refer me to occupational health. When I asked on what grounds she said "health." When I said "but my health is fine since I came off night duty" she then said "your mental health." This was the very person who was also a manager but was supposed to be my union representative... and so it goes on!

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