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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Help Stop Bullying!

Hello. I am from Wisconsin and I'm a senior in high school. This year at school, bullying has been worse than ever. My teachers have tried to speak out to us students to try and stop this horrible behavior. However, many take it as a joke. I want to create a video of collected stories in which the parents, sisters, brothers, etc... have lost a loved one due to bullying. Even one who has experienced severe bullying and where they are now. I am really hoping to change the bullying in my school as well as others one step at a time. You may contact me by leaving a comment.

Thank you for all your help!

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by: Paul Drakeford

That is an excellent idea. And I commend you for it. I do hope you can post progress reports.

Help Stop Bullying Reply
by: Anonymous

You can read my post 'Schoolyard Terror'. Hope it helps.

where does it began?
by: Anonymous

Well you've taken the first step, and thank you for that and try not to get disscouraged because in some way you will have made a difference, you'll have students/teachers everyone thinking/talking about it and second guessing their actions/words towards each other.
Where does bullying start? Abuse, neglect at home? Amongst peers, does that create a bully or an over sensitive child? Do we show a bully love and hug them till they break down crying and realize that their actions might be some anger issue from the pass? Bullying has a trickleing effect. It doesn't just stop at the victim, it envolves the victims family, peers. When a victim sees no way out and feels guilty for having gotten or getting others involved, that's when the victim feels like a burden. That's when they end it. Bullying is different for children/students,adults. Adults may have finicial worries, responsibilities of children/elderly parents, etc. For example, how does a parent just quit a job (when there isn't another one paying as well,etc.) when his/her kids don't want to move, change schools. What do you do? I think no matter what your age, when your being bullied there isn't a clear way out. There are no easy fixes.
Bullying has changed my life, me. I am not the person I use to be. It continues to effect me and my family greatly, emotionly, finically, phyiscally. It's a horrible thing.
Is it human nature? For all/some? Why? How do you stop it? Can you?
Stop 'being' a victim, Stop 'being' a bully. I hear A LOT of talking but that isn't stopping the abuse.

Another Reply to Help Stop Bullying
by: Anonymous

Please check out Document the Bullying. I provide this advice to everyone and it does work. It sends a message to others around the bully and makes a difference.

Good luck.

by: Taylor

First, thank you for the support!
Secondly, just an update: I have found names of victims who have committed suicide due to bullying. I have (through long research) found the emails of their parents. However, I have not received anything back yet. I started creating my video and the main song is "Something Beautiful" by Needtobreath. Look it up and tell me if you think that song fits or not?
Any other suggestions(:
Thank you so much!

by: CCA

Bulling is anything both physical or verbal action that is showed to a student and will have an adverse effect such as fear of harm, causing damage to his or her wellbeing and something that can hinder a person ability to learn or benefiting from a school program. (Sims and Kameya) Bullying is seen to have less or more effect on the student such as education, health and safety. (Mirviss) Health problems such as headache and stomachache are seen to be experienced by a bullied student, also talking about implications like anxiety, self-harm, depression, sleep difficulties and poor academic performance are all consequences of being bullied. As bullying is unacceptable in all schools, many organization have taken a bold step in helping combat bullying in schools as well as parents and schools also doing their best to stop bullying.
1. Mirviss, Danna. "causes of bullying." Received by the author, 23 Feb. 2017.
2. Sims, Trevin and Darren Kameya. "Responding to School Bullying in Modern Times." Leadership, vol. 46, no. 2, Nov/Dec2016, pp. 26-28. EBSCOhost, search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=119347932&site=ehost-live.

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