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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know


by helpless
(Taylor, Mi)

I have been being bullied since Christmas, being stared at, followed to the rest room, numerous things. Too many to list. I have had break downs at work. I shake uncontrollably. I have went to management. I don't know what to do. Other supervisor have seemed to go to her side. People that used to talk to me don't. I don't seem to get any help. Management listen but they won't do anything. It's hard for me to go to work every day because I know the bully will start. I need some advise or just someone to help me.

Info On Dealing With Workplace Bullying:
What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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by: Linda Guirey

Clearly this bullying is affecting your health and if the management are not going to deal with the situation, then my advice is to find another job and quickly. Even if you have to find a job that is a stop-gap for you until you find something better, don't allow that workplace to affect your health.

You need to be in control of what happens, and so I would suggest that you do whatever it takes to ensure your health doesn't suffer any more. Some workplaces will turn a blind eye to bullying and therefore the targets of bullying are far better off finding a new place of employment.

Linda Guirey
The 'Marbles Expert'

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Advice ?
by: LB

If you have the financial resources, get an attorney that is familiar with workplace bullying and is willing to take on the task of defending you.

Currently, bullying is not a crime, and the (Michigan) court system doesn't recognize bullying as a form of "harassment", therefore, it will be necessary for you to testify regarding the destruction of your health and safety rights.

Unfortunately for most targets, the thought of a formal hearing makes the bullying experience even worse than it already is, because you must now show the "burden of proof" as evidence of your claims. This can be very tricky, because the employer will use everything they have to prove that you were the problem, and they usually have expensive lawyers with unlimited expense accounts, as well as "written" proof of your errors, but, don't despair, it is possible to beat them at their own game, but difficult, and be prepared for a long, exhuasting battle.

Or, cut your losses, accept the fact that there are some people in this world bent on the destruction of others, and you just happened to be that person. Bullies do not care one iota about you, and if you are like me, that hurts very deeply.

Do not expect any empathy or help from your workplace, and whatever you do, don't go to HR!

HR's purpose is to protect the employer's interests, not yours.

Good Luck

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