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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Higher Education Hell

by Anonymous

I have worked in higher education for years. I accepted my present position to escape a serious bullying environment that was not adequately addressed by management only to land in a worse situation. I'm being bullied constantly.

It is so 2nd grade. Comments about my appearance and clothing. Then they start picking apart everything I do -- if I try to ask for help to fix mistakes then I'm told I "ask too many questions".

I am more educated than most of them. A fact they seem to hate. I had hoped to retire from this place, but I don't know if I can last. It really wears you down.

I've talked to my boss and while sympathetic -- he has spoken to the head bully, but it is still going on. I'm beginning to think that the woman doing this bullying is mentally ill.

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Higher Ed Hell
by: Anonymous

I believe you are correct that the person bullying you is probably mentally ill. I have observed that almost all bullies I've known show symptoms of mental illness. And almost without exception, any person with mental illness I've associated with turns out to be a liar, cheat, undependable and a bully.

I myself am learning to say "no" more all the time when I meet a potential bully. It just isn't worth the wear and tear on our bodies and souls to tolerate such meanness. I have learned that when I am fearful to not go along with the bully, I will lose the sale, but something better always comes along a bit later. It just takes patience--that's all!

Make your move and stay patient!

Lower Ed
by: Solange

You're right. It is 2nd grade. Workplace bullying is not childish behavior. It is the behavior OF children modified for the adult world. People who bully are mostly ungrownups. I do believe that some are mentally ill and its easy to get mixed up in over analyzing the behavior. If you think of these people as mentally ill, they are automatically excused from their behavior. (Although if you really DO think the person is mentally ill, don't try what I am going to suggest.) Instead, think of what you would do if that person were a little child (not punishment, though). Kids bully because they are insecure and they like the rush of power. Pick one thing that you typically get bullied on and think of a different response. One that is kind and loving. Have it ready and try it, like "How lovely of you to notice what I wear!" See if that changes anything.

my husbonds boss
by: Anonymous

I thank your right my husbonds boss bullys me by saying her I.Q level is higher than mine,than makes hurtfull remarks about my wieght even thow She and I are about the same size and she has other people whom work for make lite of me;thay all are made to feel that if thay don't conply thay will lose there jobs so thay seem to go along with it even my husbond is bullyed by her she gives him at lest ten times the work load of any other worker and he's the only one that has to work at chirstmas and on thaksgiveing and when he's off thay call him endlessey to go back to work that usely ends up being somethang she could have asked overe the phone and her sister dose the same thang to my husbond,he can't do anythang about it be he needs hes job and he dosent have a eduction and in this time of jobless market he's stock in a bullying hell and thay make lite of me to hurt him, and it hurts me to but there is nothing we can do,he can't work any were else and she knows that.

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