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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know


I was injured in 2009 and taken off work in 2010 after losing my memory and other symptoms. My employer's HR immediately began a campaign of harassment and threats - I was contacted over 40 times in six weeks, submitted detailed medical information four times, required to return to my doctor five times. I made written harassment complaints because it was affecting my ability to rest and recover.

My union president had a 'close' relationship with HR. The complaints were never investigated and the Union would not do anything. Then began the systemic character assassination and poisoning of work environment and my field of work (went beyond the employer and the Union). It was done through private phone calls, e-mails and texts - two years of freedom of information requests and two thousand records later, there is a clear picture of what happened and who was spreading lies - it all went back to the harassment complaint.

When I attempted to go back to work, we found out that my reputation had been destroyed. There were private agreements to block my return to work and delay it. Despite trying to resolve and fighting over it, my health substantially declined. I ended up with PTSD and no ability to deal with anything.

Tried to get multiple organizations to investigate but everyone circled the wagons. Nobody knows how to identify mobbing.

Will be publishing the records into a book about mobbing - it is the only thing that keeps me going now. I don't think I will ever get over it.

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Horrifying; believed

To Horrifying:

First; you WILL get over this. But; yes… it probably will have to be on a day to day 'enjoy THIS DAY moment. One day at a time;
that's all you need to concentrate on. Do one thing 'to the good
way' of living THIS DAY - that makes you feel GOOD about yourself. (not what 'others' spoke of you from their perceptions)

Ok; forgive me…I know you know all that; as I know you also do feel BETRAYED by humanity in that last firm you worked for loyally. Please keep reading now; take a coin or dollar from your pocket and read the words that are on there somewhere (though some would like to remove those words) IN GOD WE TRUST!
GOD ALONE is GO(O)D. I don't know if you are in any degree of understanding of the Christian faith; but (again; please keep

Basically; if you want to quietly pass thru this world without the world 'attacking' 'harassing' … DO NOT seem a 'threat' to what the world honors. (dollars, prestige, power, and their worldly
accomplishments) Do not speak of 'yourself' and what you know,
(even if you do know more) To do so; you tell 'the world' they can
STEP ON YOU to PROTECT themselves. Rather take 'the lower position' / the lesser pay / listen more than talk (better they think you a fool…who cares what they think. As the good book says: "beware of people, they will hand you over" but BE KIND, FRIENDLY, MEEK (know what really matters (soul) humble (praise them, laugh with them about you, laugh all the way to the bank at the end of each work week) Let them 'be the better one's, smarter one's, listen to them (sometimes they might say something that helps) ask of them, it makes them feel good…but DO NOT go and try to be equal 'to them' or they will GET INSECURE and ATTACK AND PROTECT 'themselves'

Jesus Christ began his path to being crucified the moment he
overturned some tables in the temple (overturning what authority accepted in mind as good for them, status quo) Same
holds true today. DO NOT BE A GRIPER. ACKNOWLEDGE GOD and
GOD will uphold you 'in the world' (don't fret what they do…He
has them in sight; HE will handle 'them' / we don't have to do

This doesn't mean allow evil. But, we can't change the will of
others; who do what they do. Never do evil for evil for it gets
us no where. When they harass; pray for them silently which
shows them mercy. (pray God be merciful and enlighten them,
trusting God will IF HE wishes; but KNOW God will be merciful
to YOU who did show it in the face of persecution.

Never fight the world with their own 'tactics' it serves no purpose. Rather GLORIFY GOD and GOD will PROTECT YOU.

Though 'they say' you can file complaints to management…
NO …you can't. CHRISTIANS don't gripe…they ACT (maturely)
to change a bad situation for themselves:


Book on mobbing
by: Mobbed Four Decades in Kansas

How I identify with your night mare of mobbing. I myself did not understand for years that mobbing is a group activity for bullies. It is now well known that I have been mobbed for 46 years in rural Kansas and with no one to stand up with me or help. Silence of the majority is even worse than the mobbing.

I am glad you are writing a book. I started but have had so many flash backs I could not continue.
I have more than 95 linear feet of paper trail in a university Special Collections, much of it documenting years of mobbing, and hope the day will come when I can continue. I also wish I had funds to hire a conspiracy attorney, but alas, the nightmares have left me depleted. I had a dream, and lots of faith in God, or I would never have endured.

If possible, I would like for Anton to give you my email contact. The more of us who can reveal the horrors of group mobbing, the more opportunity there is to put a stop to it. Perhaps we can give each other encouragement to stay strong, and get our stories out there for the world to see and understand.

To Lizzy
by: Anonymous

From Horrifying. Lizzy, I respect your words and intent and kind thoughts and thank you for them. I also encourage others to find what works for them and perhaps prayer and acceptance works for some. I do not agree with being meek for me. To me being meek is what they want because it means that they will continue to do it to others and nobody should accept this in a western democracy where people have fought and paid high prices for basic human rights: the right to work, the right to dignity, the right to representation. The more people 'accept' bad behaviour, the more they get away with it. I would urge everyone to contact their political representatives to have anti-Mobbing legislation made part of our legal landscape, and to include it in the Criminal Code so that complaints can be made to the police and records seized before they are destroyed by the aggressors. Steep fines. Jail time, because there is intent to harm at the core of the action. I would love to see overcomebullying.org or other mobbing organizations develop a legal assistance fund as people who have been mobbed have little recourse: they cannot afford a lawyer, they cannot endure the complaint processes for non-represented human rights complaints etc. because they have no capacity to withstand stress, and they become easy pickings for the corporations to terrorize into accepting unconscionably low settlements and severance just to end the stress.

response to horrifying
by: Lizzy NJ

Dear horrifying:

Please read my words carefully, and slowly and 'a few times' ….
(understanding of these words is difficult because 'in our human nature we certainly want to push back and fight 'wrongs')

But; we can't. You are good. I'm sure you are.

1. Meek does not mean 'doormat' / it doesn't mean weak. it actually means a strength that your [persecutors] do not possess. For one the strength of a sound mind (intelligence), for another understanding of good and bad, right and wrong. Morality. If you have any understanding of God (spirit of objective good) you know that He made man with a free will. And GOD cannot change that free will. Bullies (bad folk) are out in 'the world' who are not in His light. You can't tell them anything because they are oblivious to what you are saying.

2. You also have a free will; and IN FAITH…know that God wants you to be HIS PRESENCE to this 'bad' situation. In secular understanding, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. If you keep your head, act with a sort of 'indifference' towards your bully or bullies, do nothing that brings you down to their level…(arguing back) No harm will come to you. FIGHT fire with fire and you fight alone (God's spirit is not in that) When you can smile 'at them', ignore them, and work FOR YOUR OWN GOOD (find another job, or just leave without a job…YOU showed you were BIGGER than they.

3. As to suing? First from a practical standpoint; you might win a battle but 'you lose the war' (first, if it gets around you sued an employer…finding new work will be difficult) So for that reason always act IN THE POSITIVE…leave them on good terms as much as possible and GET ON with life. If you leave first, you retain 'the power and control' Leave JUSTICE to GOD and while you won't know of it…they will eventually come to 'ruin' themselves. Hang themselves with their own rope.

Never stay in an unsupportive workplace…God would not want you to. LEAVE and you will gain a new job.

Our purpose for this earthly journey is to show our faith IN GOD The GOD who is 'in you' and will guide you if you trust him. Don't take their garbage but DO for yourself, go back to school, get a new job, get a part time job then leave them, take a vacation and while on vacation CALL UP and resign saying you have a better offer. (they will be stunned)

DO GOOD…in a positive sense …for love (healthy love) of you. DON'T fight them…they aren't worth it. They will win every time. Win in an earthly sense but IF YOU fight with the power of GO(O)D … YOU will 'rise' / you show THE POWER OF GOD and now and in 'that other life' YOU will be eternally happy.

leave them TO GOD and GO FORWARD (and when others told me this… I too took LOTS of years to come to understand; yes 'the inhumanity of mankind' is HARD for good people to understand. But it all has a SPIRITUAL component. These bullies ARE NOT 'in SPIRIT understanding of life.

by: lizzy NJ

The best way to fight 'the coward' bully… is OPPOSITE of what they are. When they are nasty… stay in composure …setting example of how MATURE folk are (this glorifies GOD and you will gain grace for this way…in ways He alone will share.

We of faith in GOD … set the example to they who have not a clue. In that we have performed out duty of living out THE FAITH of HIM within us.

When you fight 'em on same level … you will lose they will win. why? because GOD is always the winner … and CORRECT; they won't win either but neither will you.

We can't change people's free will, nor can God. However, God also gave us FREE WILL…use it in GOOD ways and WIN where it counts. (go back to a school and learn more, change jobs, do anything to the positive including forgiving them and yourself. Have faith in GO(O)D not in 'the world' …if you are going after the same 'treasures' as those in 'the world' …You will always be 'in competition with' THEM whose actions you dislike. Be different. Go a different route; follow a narrower path, become skilled in a trade and work in smaller (but small professional; not small casual) And have more than JUST WORK as a mindset.

MEEK persons know 'their true destiny' is NOT of THIS WORLD.

LEAVE JUSTICE to GOD… and just LEAVE THEM… LEAVE THEM physically and leave them IN SPIRIT and go on for YOU.

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