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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Horror Story in New York City - The Company You Keep? What a Joke!

by N/A
(New York City, NY, USA)

I was hired as a consultant where I currently was for a year before I became an employee on Oct. 21, 2001, the manager at the time was very pleased with my work. The same day I was hired I was victim of what is called 'bait and switch' whereby I was involuntarily 'transferred' from the position I was hired in to another department where there were problems already with three women, one of them was already about to sue the company because of the other two. Actually I was 'switched' with this one lady who had a lot of tenure in the company and wanted a resolution to her problem, so they gave her my position and I got hers, which was a senior level job, but with my salary.

Unbeknownst to me, the grade I was hired in was higher than the other two ladies', so they became vindictive after my first month of employment. A new manager for that department was hired and that is where they took advantage. There was a lot of bad treatment, a lot of stress, and a lot of false claims about my work performance, and many 'warnings' and threats to get me fired for frivolous stuff. But most of their warnings and false claims were by email, which was their big mistake. I went thru the internal process and the company did not do much about it but to tell me that I was the one making things up. My previous manager said he would support me but not internally since he did not 'want to lose his pension over an employee who was having problems with the company'. I filed with the NY State Division of Human Rights and the case was closed after claiming 'insufficient evidence', despite my documentation and emails to support my claim. The company in turn a month after my case closed, had my previous manager in charge of both his area and the area I was in. Just like that.

Two months after, it got worse. The complaints escalated, but I was smart enough to prove otherwise, plus my manager saw thru them (work wise) and warned them not to cause a hostile working environment. That is when they started a smear campaign with their network of friends and even most of our peers. Even the lady I was switched with, who was well aware of the whole thing because of what happened to her did not care much. I suffered (and still do suffer) isolation from people who once were communicating and were afterwards shunning me. The attacks got very personal; and according to the person who testified and confided me, they bought special surveillance equipment, and got the NYPD involved, as well as they had obtained a court order to do so based on claims that I still do not know, but since this person did not agree with the whole thing, that was why he told me all of this. They made false claims that have not yet been proven, according to this person who confided to me. This person also said that if I mention his name he would deny it. So I am back to square one, unless this person is playing the game with them and is trying to mess with my mind or something...I would not know until I find out for sure.

So far I have been doing my own investigation but I still cannot prove tangible evidence, all I have is documentation and writings from me that matches some pieces of the puzzle but not all, based on what this group of people already brag about, say and do in the office, as well as the way they act toward me and the things they said to me, which constitutes harassment but the company still has not resolved that. The company calls it a 'personality conflict' now. People think I am weird, conflictive, and claim I am losing it and that I am going crazy, they even have called me worse names than that. The more they say and do, the more I document. That is all I can do for now, until I get a copy of those videos or something...

I have consulted lawyers, private investigators, countersurveillance experts, and they all claim that I need tangible proof that they have been taking surveillance videos of my life at home, which I have yet to figure out. All I know is that during working hours they comment about what I do on my house and things only my husband and I would talk about at home (I live TWO states away!). I have tested this by saying something about someone at work the night before and the day after they would comment and I would know because they also make the mistake of not being subtle. My husband does not believe that it is true unless I obtain evidence. The NYPD expert in another district even suggested I buy a small hidden camera to document it all, but I do not yet have enough money for that, I am saving as much as I can. In the meantime I still have to figure out what to do. Just recently I started to just dismiss them and go on working, which my manager and senior management praise every day but still no promotion or nothing, while these people get promoted every two years or so. I am just waiting for the day I can find a better job somewhere else, but if the surveillance claims are true, then I cannot yet leave until I find out how are they invading my privacy.

It's a big dilemma. But it's been a while since I heard from someone wanting to know about my case. This has been going on for six years now (going on seven) and I am still standing...hoping to see my redemption come. Despite the threats, harassment in the street, at work at home because people now see me and say 'Oh, I saw you on CCTV', 'you are so and so', they sneer and laugh, and call me names; same thing at work, while commuting, and it is even trying to affect my life at home and my family. But the part that hurts me the most is their denial, their hipocrisy, and how they say and do get 'friendly' on your face and then stab you in the back. That is disgusting, crazy behavior that they try to pin on me and you (are they kidding or what!? They must be CRAZY!!)

It is the scariest thing you can possibly imagine someone going thru, and I live it everyday in New York City. But I vowed to fight on, and to take advantage of this situation...And I am still standing, with a job that pays my bills until I change careers and become independent. :) Nothing can bring me down now, if I can make it in NYC, I can make it anywhere, and so can you!!

May this be an inspiration to others so that they too can find the strength to fight on and move on - you can either take the high road and stand on your ground, or not take the high road and stand on your ground...what else is left to do? The only thing left to do is to CHOOSE your outcome, I have chosen mine and you can choose yours.

Whether you are from New York or not, don't get punked...one way or the other - TAKE ACTION! I am confident that the results of my research and hard labor will give its true results someday, and so will yours if you start because it is never too late. And remember...living the good life is the BEST revenge you can have. I am looking forward to my redemption because I have chosen to do something about it the way I know how. This gives me a sense of sanity and puts things in perspective about the whole situation. The abuse comes from them. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT YOU!!

Just remember, you are not lazy, you are not crazy, and you are not alone. Thank God for that!

Appreciate your time and consideration.

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Good going!
by: Anonymous

I've had a lot of that done to me, including the cameras at my home. Look for a place they can hook it up. They hooked it up to my VCR through the TV cable and stored it under my house. I found out after the fact. They heard me say I knew one was there, and that I was going to find it. A couple days later, it was gone. They were interrupted and had to get out fast, so they tore the cable off. That's how I found out how they did it.

Look around at your cables. There are also "spy camera finders." Different types, including fairly cheap ones. Glad you haven't lost hope. I'm the same way. And as you said, thank God.

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