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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Hospital Bullying Hell

by Denise

Worked at same hospital for 31 years. Never had any problems with other staff, patients or relatives until last 4 years in Hell. New, FULLY INCOMPETENT manageress CAME TO WARD. Heavily LACKED BOTH nursing and managerial SKILLS. was ADVISED BY OTHER STAFF MEMBERS THAT I WAS TOP OF ITS hit list. Reason unknown! After 4 years of Hell, including constant monitoring, uncalled meetings, without back up, teeth bared at me, IT finally got me sacked. IT also got other staff, (who were GOOD Nurses), removed from ward. It then proceeded to replace all those with poorly trained, unsafe, overseas nurses.

Trying to find someone to help me seek justice. What a Joke! The minute bullying is mentioned, all doors are slammed in your face.

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Help is on the way deary..
by: PastorJoeP

Well I would first start by avoiding calling the individual any names, name calling makes you look bad. Don't play on that persons level.

2nd - where is your diary of every situation and circumstance. As this site provides you the tools help avoid and what to do if you know your bullied.

If you can't follow through the first 2 things I listed than take a step back and breath. You seem to be exploding in your short description of the situation. You truly should document everything.

You also stated several other good people were victims of this person. It is ok to get together and document the behavior look for company policies that cover retaliation, discrimination, any of the protective state compliance employee regulations of protection that you can leverage.

Every state is different. But based on the short description you seem to have a class of people that were targeted. I would definitely approach anyone in that group and start a club. Document each others situations. Remember the book "The Help".

Follow the same process. Get as many people involved at this point. You have already lost your job and the only thing you can do is fight for it.

Your healthcare and majority have a union. I would recommend if union that you look at their bylaws and see if any of those were violated.

There is a lot you can do you need to simmer down. Breath and then approach it logically. If you approach it warp speed you could miss a lot and then provide them opportunity to either retaliate further or build a better case against you.

My odds would lie with a group of you documenting your situations, you might find a pattern or you might not. But if you can find that the person violated your rights or theirs in some way you might just find that smoking gun that you will need to proceed against the individual.

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