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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

How About A Family From Hell Category?

by Sarah

I've had neighbors from hell, bosses from hell, school bullies from hell, etc. But what riles me the most is having family members from hell. You don't really know who you're dealing with until somebody in the family passes away and relatives become like vultures doing whatever they can to get their hand on the dearly departed's stuff. This in spite of a will and trust in place spelling out the wishes of the deceased.

On one side of my family, a cousin with a long history of pulling scams came after my mother and I after we were appointed by my aunt to be trustees of her estate. Lies were told in court and the corrupt county were only too eager to treat them as fact so they could get their mitts on my aunt's property. The cousin walked away with little except the satisfaction of causing a ruckus.

Fast forward to an aunt on my paternal side who is trustee of grandfather's estate and refuses to disclose information and proceeds from the sale of property. My brother and I are beneficiaries and got slammed this year with a huge tax bill for capital gains we never benefited from. Yes, I will have to take legal recourse as I cannot afford to pay my tax bill.

The point is there is no safe space from bullies. They are at school, at work, next door, at church and even in your family. Some people are just wired to demean and deprive others because they get a sadistic reward for doing so.

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