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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

How I Overcame a Nightmare

by Destiny

I had spent the majority of my life dealing with bullying, from kindergarten all the way through college. As an adult you never think you will become the victim of bullying once again but that is exactly what happened to me.

I worked at a local Walmart in my area and the few first weeks were ok as I worked with someone who was very nice, but then I was switched to a different department. The girl who was supposed to be training me took an instant dislike to me and started belittling me. She soon made things a nightmare.

I was switched to another department and once again found myself a target of another bully. This was a woman who was older then me. I went in tears to my supervisors who immediately corrected the situation and then moved me to a different department.

I was made an overnight cashier and thought things would be different. I liked being a cashier but one of my supervisors started bullying me. I couldn't believe it here I was a grown woman who may have been a bit shy but worked hard and there she was the bully who was around my mothers age.

The bully immediately started in on me and began saying I was too stupid to be a cashier. She then started belittling me in front of my co-workers and then in front of the customers.

I had enough and went to my supervisors who documented it and spoke to her. It finally ended when she was caught trying to steal my work file and was fired. The bullying finally stopped and I was allowed to finally have some peace.

Being Bullied at Work? What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Comments for How I Overcame a Nightmare

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by: LIZzy NJ

Congratulations; you can't be too shy; you actually got management to take sides? WOW! That's all I have to say WOW! Actually Anton; maybe you do want to leave the store name?

Management will usually 'side' with what is easier and that is to find cause to oust the one who 'points' (period)

As to your feeling the nasty and rude comments of other humanity in this society of ours; take a hard look at society since that generation dubbed the 'love generation.' All emphasis is on 'me' 'myself' and "I" which is exacerbated by the continual downslide of 'real work' to do. (automated processes, computerization, outsourcing, with 'consumeristic' shop til one drops (on credit) High debt load; insecurity of work as the natural sight see's, and well; read over 2nd Timothy Chap 3…it says what mankind will be like.

What to do about it? Pick up the cross and follow Him. Which means; THINK about the scourgings He endured, The mock crowning with thorns, NOW THAT is PAINFUL…What we endure is merely 'self mortification' of our 'flesh' (and rather mild in comparison) laugh WITH them…example: someone says "you're too dumb to be a cashier" … Be quick; but be respectful; HAHA yes you're correct; but until my latest patent is approved for a new and better way to mash potatoes; I'LL BE GIVING THIS JOB MY ALL; and making sure I make you look great to the top brass. (something like that)

When HE was given a hard time; He'd counter with either a question in the form of a riddle to them, or a direct question in all seriousness they'd have to think about (ignoring their belittling comments, or he did have a sly wit: "it's easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to …(well you know the rest)

"humor" our society; they think they are 'cool and with it' folk who are perfect (non humble) Who cares; Don't put weight on words that are unkind; because in such unkindness they speak exactly what they are made of.

Re: "Nightmare"
by: Anonymous

This is indeed not the norm as far as management goes in many places. This sort of thing usually is covered up and the victim is more often than not considered the problem as management does not often concern themselves with supervisors or anyone who has direct association with management.

That being said, you got lucky somehow that the outcome was to your benefit, so it is good to hear that a victim won this time.

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