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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

HR Is Still Investigating After Almost 6 Weeks

I work for a small company that was recently acquired by a larger company. I reported sexual harassment to my supervisor in 2018 then said don't worry I will handle it. The person was made my immediate supervisor. He has continued to harass me and retaliate against me as he has been given more and more responsibility.

To complicate the matter, he does drugs in the office, is sleeping with another woman, and he's married. He also has stolen commissions from his coworkers. I told the company that recently acquired my company and it has been almost 6 weeks since the complaint.

I am now being retaliated against by everyone in my office with the exception of 2 people. I am a woman and work for a company that has 12 males and 1 female. I have to work remote as I don't want to be in the office around him.

I have been with the company longer than anyone in my department and make more money for the company than all of my coworkers combined. This person is much younger than me and was given the supervisory position with the worse attendance in the company. His manager is fully aware of everything he is doing and turns a blind eye.

I re-contacted HR and told them about the retaliation and was told it's open enrolment right now for insurance we are sorry we are following up on your complaint. He is at work every day and this is not fair. I love going to my office however with the situation the way it is I can't. I feel like I'm living in the twilight zone. I feel like this is being done to me on purpose to get me to leave.

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