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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Hygeine Operative

by Darren
(United Kingdom)

Hi to everyone visiting this website. My name is Darren. I am 39 years of age suffering severe mental health issues, depression, social phobia, suicidal thoughts, low self esteem etc, due to past experiences of workplace bullying & harassment. From the age of 16-25, I was picked on daily within a food processing factory. Types of comments from people where homophobic & pedophilia remarks, both of course are untrue, but still I found the comments offensive, mixed in with rumor spreading, across all work departments daily. At first I tried to ignore the remarks, but as they intensified on day by day, year by year basis, it gradually destroyed me from within, causing me to have mental health problems. From the first day of starting the factory, I was never socially accepted by anyone, nobody would stick up for me. Everyone thought they were better than me for some reason. I felt like a high school outcast. Before you say anything why didn't you leave, or talk to management, first lack of decent qualifications & jobs, was a problem & secondly, the management were just as bad.

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