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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

I Am Being Bullied And No One Will Believe Me

Everyone from the Manager to her subordinates leave me out of the social life at the office. The rest of the staff all order pizza and food and they have food parties in the break room and I am the only staff person who is not told about it.

While I am out on the floor working by myself, they are all in the back eating pizza and laughing and joking with one another. It really feels terrible to be intentionally left out all the time.

This happened at another store I worked for too. The only reason I found out that they had all ordered pizza on the boss was because I was at the register when the pizza delivery guy delivered the pizza and he stated the bosses name as having ordered it.

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I believe you
by: Anonymous

You are excluded and its emotionally damaging. I have seen this happen in the workplace. When I stuck up for the persons being excluded and insisted they be invited, then I was punished by being excluded. I have seen one tactic that works for the victim. If you can leave for lunch, then say you have plans and leave your workplace for the lunch break. Most people can take lunch outside or away from their work area. Don't let anyone bully you into changing your plans to leave for lunch. You can say, nobody told me there would be a company lunch and I cannot break my plans. Be firm. Also, read your company policies for lunch and breaks. Maybe you will need to take longer lunches sometimes, like office party days, and will want to make sure you go through the correct process to schedule.
Someone will be upset that they have to leave the party to cover the register and floor but that is not your responsibility. The manager is responsible to schedule coverage so everyone can enjoy the office party or take their lunch.
You can also discuss with the manager that you would have liked to attend the party, if you feel safe to do that. It's a possibility that the person who is supposed to invite you and relieve you is telling managers they invited everyone and you said you don't want to go to the party.

That is the hardest part
by: Kim

I believe you! I know how you feel because I’m going through it now....I’ll post more later.

I believe you
by: Anonymous

I understand exactly how you feel, there is a lot of manipulation on the part of the bullies, we need to find strategies to at least, not to show how we feel.

Bless you!
by: Anonymous

I believe you too!! A lot!! People have lost respect for God, every one of us will be judged by God on the last day, they will pay if they don't repent, Bless you, may the Lord cover you under His wings always!!

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