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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

I Am Bullied at Every Single Job

by April

I get bullied at every single job I work for. My first job was McDonald's and everything was going great until this manager started harassing me and then it went from one manager to all the managers and they all ganged up on me and did things to provoke me constantly. I was being accused of doing things I was doing. Also when the pandemic happened one person would have to stand at the door to let people come in and because these two managers HATED me they ALWAYS put me AT THE DOOR when I WORKED WITH THEM! The one short manager hated me from the start because I was brown skin.

I also was harassed by a gay manager and she ganged up on me just because I didn't fulfill her sick fantasies. I'm assuming that the other gay manager was jealous and turned her against me.

Then the workers started turning against me. All the guy workers would either tell me to shut up on the headset or threaten to physically hurt me. There was this one girl who literally blew up at me for telling her sister she was having a wedding. She started throwing stuff at me and provoking me to anger. Then eventually I got angry and start acting out against her. Then she turns the situation on me when she was the one who WOULD NOT FORGIVE AND FORGET. She even went as far as denying the fact that she was making fun of me with another coworker. The same coworker who also threatened TO PHYSICALLY HARM ME AS A WOMAN! I lasted there for a year, the longest I ever lasted at a job. I told my so-called friend I didn't like how I was being treated and the girl kept laughing and making fun of the situation. I remember the time her bf threatened me and yelled at me to shut up over the headset and when I fought back she then turned against me and started an argument. Then there was this one girl who had anger issues and she would blowup if I asked even ONE QUESTION.

Then I left that job and went to a juice bar job and the manager expected me to know the whole menu in three days. I made a few mistakes and the workers gave me evil looks like they wanted to end me. I made a mistake and had to do a refund transaction and the look the girl gave me was of Satan. Then the manager fired me I end up working at a chicken place. The manager was a woman who was jealous of me and so she started yelling at me arguing then I ended up quitting within 3 days. Also the fact that I was being harassed by the guys there. I go to the same place but a different location. The manager there was really evil, she made people quit on the first day. Every new hire would quit on the first day because of how awful the place was operating. I got harassed and called stupid by a customer and one of the managers pulls me in the office and says all I do is keep talking and never shut up and then he made the gesture. He blamed the situation on me and said that customer is a regular. So he gonna take her side and THINKS ITS RIGHT FOR ME TO LITERALLY BE CALLED STUPID! God help me.

The other manager yelled at me when I told her I couldn't work on Saturdays. I end up leaving and going to Subway and I was bullied by the two managers there. One girl always had an attitude and she threw something at me. When I fought back she laughed and provoked me even more. The other manager laughed at started getting violent with me. Then she starts to physically assault me and physically throw items at me. Then she yelled and said "don't yell at me!!" "Why don't you go outside it would be easier for you?" Also the fact that there was a gay guy who was jealous because a male coworker was flirting with me. So then jealous guy started throwing stuff at me and slamming stuff at me. Then he would asks things like "what's the tea on you and Chris?" Almost every job that had a gay person, the person also ganged up on me whether they are lesbian or gay. It was ridiculous because he was doing that all for a guy I didn't even like. The guy told me to come to his bedroom and he was strange too. I didn't even like him back then and that gay guy did all of that ridiculous stuff out of jealousy.

I quit and worked at a place that serves chicken and rice, this time it was the one manager who bullied me. He was extremely harsh. He expected us to do impossible tasks like count a whole register within only 10 minutes before closing. He then calls me in the middle shift and yells at me. He claims that I need to get better at what I am doing. He gave us such a short amount of time to close the store and expected us to be out quickly too. It was way too much pressure. Not to mention the customers were also racist and giving me a hard time.

I end up quitting and going to another sub sandwhich place. Everything was going fine at first until the manager started getting impatient with me. She started to become hateful towards me. It was me and one other girl who got hired and she only started to pick on me. She was SOO LAZY TOO. She said if we didn't learn the hot subs we were going to get a warning. THATS THE PROBLEM WITH THESE FAST FOOD JOBS THEY LITERALLY JUST LIKE EXPECT YOU TO KNOW EVERYTHING AND DON'T TELL YOU EVERYTHING. I asked her WHERE ARE ALL THE SUBS AND NUMBERS I WAS SUPPOSED TO LEARN. SHE pointed AND SAID "whatever is over there." So I studied what I could. I asked her several times and then she gives me a warning and said I was supposed to know that. BUT I LITERALLY HAD ASKED HER IS THAT EVERYTHING AND WHERE THE SUBS IS. Also every job I work at people ALWAYS PICK ON ME FOR BEING FRANTIC AND NERVOUS BUT I HAVE BEEN ABUSED EVER SINCE I WAS NINE BY MY OWN DAD.

I also been bullied by in almost every SINGLE SCHOOL. Im currently being harassed and bullied by my apartment neighbors. NOT TO MENTION I ALSO HAVE BUMPS ALL OVER MY HEAD ALONG WITH A CANCEROUS GROWTH THAT I AM TRYING SO HARD TO GET RID OF. My anxiety can not be helped. It can be managed but I am literally sick of people pointing that out. Only God can help me if he chooses. I had a Uber ride where this woman told me that I am too soft or I let people walk over me. She told me how I care too much of what others think. I see how I can be a push over.

The manager started gossiping about me and I knew she was because the other girl started laughing and said "your mean." I end up quitting that job and I get hired at a shoe place. Everything was going okay at first. Eventually I get sexually harassed by these two guys. One guy started to flirt and stare at my body. He would stand behind me. He turned on me in the end and did all in his power to get me fired because he hated me. He lead me on in the first place with that other guy. The fact that I see him around my apartment with some other person really freaks me out. Whether he lives over there I feel like I'm in hell.

Not to mention one of the managers was a total jerk. I quit that job and remain jobless for eight weeks. Now I'm working at an Asian restaurant and not only did I get harassed by a guy here but now I'm being picked on. He is one of those self-centered people who expects women to give their full attention. He got mad because I wasn't paying much attention to him so he throws an item at me and acts rude. Also one of the girls hates me because I'm shy and barley talk so if I make a mistake she goes and tells the manager. She barely helped me unlike the other girl and she expects me to know the station just like magic. She also gives me looks like she hates me. Then the dreaded "let's sit down and talk," arrives like nails on chalkboard.

The manager says I'm doing everything wrong and then talks about the fact that I can't lift 20 pounds when I am starving and barley can afford food. Before I had anorexia which makes it hard to gain weight. Now I can't afford food and I'm about to be homeless on the streets. She literally picks apart everything about me. The fact that they could let sexual harassment happened by some of the previous guys who used to work there. I don't get why they hired me in the first place. Majority of the customers hate me because I'm darker than them. I end up leaving crying and shaking. I don't know if I'm meant to work online or a work from home job. I saw this one lady who said how this stuff happening is teaching that the creators children aren't meant to work for man. I have talent and skills to be a content creator but I'm shy and scared to go live. Is that really my calling? Am I meant to use my talents? Am I supposed to wait on college and wait for a job that is not entry level? Is my lack of patience the problem? Im already getting money to go to school. Is that the reason, besides the fact that I never stand up for myself and a lot of jobs that I quit ended up having a lawsuit.

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Hang On! They Are All Going Down Soon!
by: C

Hey, all those perpetrators belong to an evil network. Just keep on doing the right thing
and keep safe. Keep yourself in prayer, keep your proofs, and stay calm.

The commode to their existence has been flushed and those evildoers are in that siphon effect right now. There's no escaping for them. Just pray it's a jet-propelled flush to get rid of them fast.

Continue to do good, be good, and pray consistently.

Different Work?
by: Anonymous

Hi, could you seek different type of work like working at Amazon or USPS or manufacturing sector jobs or bank or nanny type work? You might have to consider social assistance at some point I understand the urgency in your writings! Harassment is prevalent everywhere these days the pressure is awful. If its long term disability that would require medical or psych diagnosis and at your age it would be best to avoid getting involved in mental health care (they do not know how to treat bullying anyways) because that diagnosis is stigmatized and hard to lose. I hope for you I hope you can get into college soon and find some steady part time work.

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