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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

I Did It… I Knew How In Words… I Did It In 'Actions' (It Didn't Hurt)

by Lizzy NJ

I now fully understand … and I give the credit where it is due… GOD! (God who gives us the gift of understanding; of GOD)

I was working a few hours a month (very few) setting up a marketing item for a business person. It was going fine for 3 whole months; I was the sole assistant to one boss (a dream come true) Suddenly… next to 'last month' things again seemed to be tense with the boss (could be personal stuff in her home life…bosses do have a home life, could be the pressure on her 'business wise') Anyway, I was 'the assistant' yet for the project I do for him/her (no matter which…I would rather not describe this in too much detail) For the current month's project; the boss asks a front desk reception person to do the ad, then emails me…that 'they' came up with something that could be used but I certainly can look it over and see if I can do things with it. (they couldn't send the file to my machine; come in and get the hard copy printout)

I took it I revised as told I could but kept the basic layout. I gave reason for what I did.

Then; this one writes to say …why don't we have another from the office look at my version and your version. (never occurred before such was needed)

Get the Message; NOT WANTED.

I asked to talk…boss called on phone…I began explaining…boss kept interrupting with 'same old patterned boss stuff' "why are you upset" (I wasn't…but boss wanted that to be seen (for all I know boss had another in room listening) I 'blew it' again when I spoke on phone; it should have been face to face in private. Boss kept interrupting my sentences… I kept saying excuse me; I'm not finished…boss didn't care what I was saying. I got out my words (unheard) and I said I quit. and hung up. I typed an email resignation letter to 'boss' I assisted in detail, another of the gist of phone conversing, and PLEASANT AND GRACIOUS letter to office manager knowing I resigned so I would not be on payroll. And I was gracious to all of them…praising my boss to the manager and how lucky she was to have this dedicated person. It is true boss to me was dedicated…but; for reasons boss can't speak of…boss did not want me around anymore. Boss can't (as in old days) speak what it is is bothering her; I knew this much…BOSS wanted me out…and I gave it to her. I resigned first…WITH PRAISE to boss, the manager, the business. I was only a few hours a month assistant so "I didn't care" (they didn't care either)

And it occurred to me: Let there be PEACE on earth…and LET IT BEGIN WITH ME.

We are not going to be loved (or liked) by everyone on this earth. Don't expect to be. Curb our own 'ego' and stop fighting 'them' and stop wanting to be liked where it isn't going to happen. As in all the advice I gave in words LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE I have done it in actions. I left and I left graciously. And it doesn't matter what they did or how they did it. Or how they write me up. For the few hours a month it was, I don't even need to mention them to any other place.

In today's world (where sins dominate and thus God who is love and graciousness does not) Where everyone believes 'it is a NOW happening and there is no after life' The Golden Rule of "do to others as one wants it done to self" is conspicuously absent or badly tarnished. This is sad…but no matter…

When someone speaks in action that 'they no longer like' …stave off arguing their opinion firmly entrenched in their free will mind, keep the peace in yourselves and hand in the resignation…and do not look back. And BE DIFFERENT than they treated you…treat them with praise and glory and thank them for the opportunity to serve. No harsh words, no telling how good you were and are…if they didn't want to see it in action; no words will convince.

LEAVE THEM BE…but yes PRAY FOR THEM …pray they 'get the message' of their ways from the one who CAN'T BE SHUT DOWN. When He speaks…they will hear. Pray He enlighten them and change their worldly way.

Oh yes; when starting any job…don't get so into the job you forget to pray before hand for smooth relating with whomever. Pray for your 'boss' on earth each a.m. No matter what pray FOR Him…it will come out as your graciousness to him or her in the workday…which will help your day (if not the boss)

Bosses need prayers…just as much as any of us. Feel Compassion for these souls.

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