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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

I Made A Complaint Against My Boss And Now I Am Targeted

by Aggressive Boss

A couple of months ago I made a complaint against my boss and she found out. She has raised a complaint against me now regarding my starting times on my timesheet and the time of my swap card report. This is the first instance she has done the swap card report and even though I don't generally swap in when I get to work, I usually ring the bell, someone else gets in or the door stays open so I don't think this is a good indication of when I actually started work and I said that to her.

She has now produced my timesheets with her initials on it and it shows a different writing style to hers has now asked me if I ever signed my own timesheets, which I don't. I spoke to the CEO and he said it pretty damning evidence against me. I feel lost and don't know what to do, I have asked for the swap card to be investigated and the initials and she said she has done so with two other staff members (my workplace has 25 staff).

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Re; made a complaint against my boss and now I am targeted.
by: Sarah

Yep. I've been there as well. It happened to me also. The only difference was I was a customer of the Co op supermarket chain, and was targeted by people and management in this store for complaining about two employees who were clearly baiting and harrassing me whenever I went in there.
As a result of my complaint, I was gangstalked and harrassed in my neighbourhood.
There is a psychopath behind it, I am sure, as it was just so insane and the shunning is still going on years later and is just so relentless.

The whole system is corrupt and filthy. It is heavily weighted against targets of abuse and mobbing. I want nothing more to do with any of them.
You may have to go eventually, even if you put up a fight against them.
I hope you can find something else better in the future. Good luck.

breach of confidentality
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comment. Yes, now it feels as if the whole office knows about it and I'm getting comments from other staff (less than 24 hours of having a meeting with the Executive Director). I was in a Program Manager office with a trainee discussing work related matters, when a colleague came into the manager's office all shaking and fake crying, begging the manager to check her invoices. The program manager looked at the invoices, said they already been signed off and what's the problem, which the my colleague replied all normal again "I just wanted you to check" and walked out. The program manager said nothing, and continued her conversations as if we were never disrupted. I couldn't believe that I had to witness that, and colleagues that I had good working relationships with, I felt so sick in the stomach... after this, comments from other colleagues about investigations, swap card, sinners etc was ongoing. I left work early, had to see a doctor for some medication and will now go see a psychologist. Whenever my boss spoke about other colleagues before about what she thinks of them or complaining about their work performance, I never let on that I knew and I still worked with them in my usual way. It just surprises me that they wouldn't think of behaving the same way.

by: Anonymous

I was on a training course today regarding safe guarding of vulnerable adults and my operational manager cut the instructor short half way through training explaining it was a waste of time. I was disgusted by her attitude and found her so disrespectful and unprofessional... who and where do I go to regarding this complaint as would not want to loose my job that I feel so passionate about yet my boss thought very little of

mad employee
by: Anonymous

hi i have a boss that should have nevered been anyones boss she doesnt bathe and my i made a complaint on her about her making me take a break i only get 4hours the state law says you only take a break if you working seven hours your first five hours take your break im not working past 5 hours so i shouldnt be entitled to leave im pissed i have five children i feel like she been messing with me i told my francise owner nothing has gotten done i think im a target now i was working 6 days now im only working 3 i have bills and this not working because i spoke up

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