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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

I Was Bullied At Work

by Tammy
(Paducah, Kentucky)

I started working with this woman about 4 years ago. She was not in charge then and there were only 4 of us in our work area. Our supervisor got transferred upstairs and made her in charge and then the fun started. My friend who worked there with me was her primary target for a long time. There would be things thrown, yelling, stomping around, cussing and so on. The supervisor was aware of all this and thought it was cute like Ralphie in the Christmas Story. My friend couldn't take it anymore and got lucky and transferred to another job in the company.

This left me with a big bullseye on my chest. She hadn't liked me from the get go and started a campaign of criticism and picking that was so noticeable that my co workers would mention it when she wasn't around. She had me called up to my supervisors office anywhere between 5 to 10 times in one year, for every little thing imaginable. I was called upstairs for not being talkative enough, for mentioning that I hated my job on my Facebook page even though my workplace was not listed (she printed off the page so she could take it upstairs), called upstairs because of numerous things that I can't even recall. It was constant.

She refused to talk to me at all. She would ask the other two to go get some lunch as a group but never myself. It was always a planned attack. She would randomly yell at me for not liking how I did my timecard or what time I came and went though she left whenever she wanted and it was okay. Every time I went to my supervisor, she would tell this woman exactly what was said and I would get attacked. I was under the constant threat of being called out to be attacked for whatever reason.

She had her friend complain about me not liking his sexual persuasion when I said nothing about the disgusting talk about his sex life went on. There was so much sexual talk, cussing and basic privacy violations that went on that it was ridiculous. I barely could stand to go into work and could only relax when she was out. I looked forward to her vacations. She told me that it was all my fault; that I took things too personal but there was no let up with this woman.

I finally realized that it wasn't going to get any better. I couldn't deal with it anymore. I finally went back to school and quit this job. I feel like a failure; like I let her win but I valued my life too much to stay. Once I am able to get some money coming in from whatever I can find, I will be a lot happier. I am happier just knowing that I don't have to go back there again.

How To Deal With Bullying at Work: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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I was bullied at work
by: Aura

Wow! Good on you! Nothing you could of changed or have done would change that nasty woman!!! She must have a sad life to be so nasty. No one deserves to be treated like crap.
No job is worth being treated like that. I would off done the exact same thing.
Its sad that a promotion should unleash the powertrip that this woman felt she was entitled to be on.
I believe 'What goes around comes around' She'll get hers.
Going back to School was a good choice. All the best for that.
Don't look back keep going hard. In my culture we have a saying Kia kaha {Be strong} and Mana wahine toa {be a powerful strong woman) I think that is what you are.
All the best

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