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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

I Wouldn't Believe It Myself, But It's Real

by DDR
(Phoenix, AZ, US)

This starts out rather strange. I am a psychiatric provider, meds, evals, 15 year clinical experience. I answered a job application with the areas largest of the smaller public mental health providers. They are a 50 million dollar annual non-profit—90% from grants. Got a quick interview with a VP I had dealt with when first moved to the area. I was cautious because I didn't remember it as a positive interaction. Arrived at interview VP is a good looking effeminate I assume straight man. "Remember me?" was his first question. I hesitated even though I remembered quite well saying yea you were involved with that clinical review right?… he agreed then small talk then offered a salary 30% above market and 30K above my last. Struggling not to look shocked and talk past the close we agreed to terms, one being I had to cover a 30 bed inpatient unit for a month for a psychiatrist who was vacationing in India as well as the clinic job.

Two immediate warning signs the excess salary has me miss. The program director volunteers to pick me up for a day conference first week and drive me home after. I think great, we'll have time to meet and chat. Way out, normal chit chat—way home, not. She was driving fast and aggressive, telling me she has taken a long time to get the current 'team' and those who come in and try to change things are dealt with "harshly" what do you mean I asked and chuckled. "Lets say they don't work for the company anymore." Very uncomfortable rest of the way home.

In the inpatient unit found four young adults medicated beyond recognition. One Mom stated I don't recognise this person—it was her son. First moral dilemma. Continue status quo or correct it. I corrected it and was met with protest "he's changing medication without authority." Facts were on my side and the four improved. Then wrote an email to the interview VP pointing out the close to in-humane condition of the four asking for his attention to this in the future.

When the inpatient ended (60 hrs a week for a month) I was told I only had an office for 20 hrs out of the 40 I was supposed to work. I worked from 6a-10a then had to give office to one of the team. We shared the office and I tried to consolidate excess junk. Program director hosted a meeting where office mate screamed at me 20 minutes, "disrespectful, arrogant, inconsiderate, should find another place to work" among other things. I called HR next morning. The program director questioned my 'motives' for calling HR. She and HR were "very close" and next time come to her.

Came in 15 min late 6:15, 2 days after 60 hr work month. Receptionist publicly berating me "cant you even manage to get here on time?" Meeting with all employees that noon, program director about me: "because of your size (5'11", 255 x rugby) anything you say can be interpreted as threatening and we don't tolerate threats here" as I looked around room everyone shaking heads in agreement.

Patient tells me counselor had her fabricate a complaint against me then went to EEOC, VP found out 2 weeks later VP had a type written resignation for me to sign. I wrote constructive d/c under signature.

Coincidentally, two weeks after that my professional regulatory board files 12 bogus accusations of unprofessional conduct. It has now been a year 22K in lawyer fees, I am unable to work although there is no official finding the regulatory board posts "complaint received, outcome pending" next to my licence making me unemployable. EEOC = 2 charges + retaliation x 2 but I see noting coming of it. Going back to school for a MPH now barely surviving, all utilities off except electric, car will go soon. Drawn and quartered—for what I still do not know.

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