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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

I'm Better Off Being Away From That Toxic Work Environment and Toxic Woman

by Val
(Portage, IN)

I was bullied at my former place of work by a woman who went from being my team leader (where we got along very well) to being my supervisor. She would almost daily critique and nitpick my work to death, ignore me and not make eye contact with me in meetings with my team, yell at me for mistakes I had made that were small but tell me they could cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, place incredibly loud employees directly behind me as though she wanted to distract and hinder my work, tell me lies to my face about things my teammates had said about me, the list goes on and one.

When I finally asked her why she was bullying me she told me I wasn't good at my job, that my clients were complaining about me, that I should be working faster, that I did the very minimum of work that I could, that my phone conversations with clients sounded terrible, etc.—all lies.

I quit that very day realizing there was no point in staying because I could no longer work for a bully who saw me as a hindrance to the company when in fact I was an asset. Since I left two years ago approximately fifteen others in my same department have also quit because of her but no one in corporate seems to care that she is the person driving good hardworking employees like me away.

I'm having a hard time getting her out of my head as this was the worst experience of my life. But I know I'm better off being away from that toxic environment and toxic woman. The only thing I can figure is that she was jealous of me. I had a lot of friends there, people respected and liked me and I consider myself to be reasonably okay looking with a lot going for me, none of which could be said about her.

Hateful people are ugly.

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True - jealousy over your looks and success!
by: Sheila

It's common! This is my opinion - Some people will go to any lengths for success. Every time they do not achieve their hopes, they react to those who "have it all", and want you out of the way (or they will never get your job!) colleagues actually told me she had said that she was jealous of my looks, success, and qualifications—though she was my manager! and she reported negative stuff about me to the boss, but every time my work was satisfactory. My advice is—go elsewhere where they will appreciate you, and you will enjoy your time at work, more.

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