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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

I'm Finally Leaving

Hello. My story is already written here titled,"It's Not Worth It." Extremely toxic and abusive workplace environment. I should have quit long ago but needed extra money so I stayed.

However, a recent incident pushed me to the point of no return, so to speak. A co worker (different bully) smacked me in the back with a soft cover book on her way to lunch. I confronted her and all I got was a a surprised, innocent look on her face. She grovelled through her crocodile tears and insisted she didn't mean anything by it. It was just an "innocent swat". Baloney! She new damn well what she was doing. I proceeded to tell her how I was recovering from 2 weeks of painful back spasms. She looked rather pale at that moment.

I reported the incident to management and haven't seen much of her since. I have every intention to report both physical assaults I endured at that place (in the 2 years I worked there) to police ASAP! Unfortunately, I grew up in a household where you kept quiet about such things and never rocked the boat. A crippling habit I intend to break and conquer. I deserve better. WE ALL deserve better.

I was going to quit on the spot but didn't want to empower the bullies into thinking they won. They didn't. Instead, I gave a 2 week notice and immediately felt relief, happiness and the determination to never allow this behaviour to fester in my life or next job again.

In closing, I will finish my next few days with a big happy ol smile. My company is losing (not to brag) a well liked, smart and efficient employee. I'll take my friendships and recent employee recognition award with me. Perhaps that's why I was targeted. All I did was go into work each day and do my job. That's it.

Meanwhile, the bullies will remain in their sad, pathetic existence's. They're currently harassing an elderly employee who's just trying to hang on a few months till her pension kicks in. She's off now due to stress but unlike me she spoke up right away. Nothing will change though. There is a "pack mentality" in that place. When one bully is away the others kick in and attack. That's what happened to me.

Thanks for listening.

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Reply to I'm Finally Leaving
by: Anonymous

Well done and congratulations for taking back your life.
I think you should go to Police and also sue the employer. They have a duty of care towards you.
Let us know how you get on.
I wish you all the best.

Re; Finally leaving
by: Sarah

Yeah, the same thing happened to me but in the community. I rarely go out now unless it is to go to-and-from work.
I am better off leaving myself and living in a completely different area, but unfortunately, moving is not an option at the moment. Maybe in a few years we will move but I will have to do it quietly, so nobody knows where I have gone.
These people network you know. And they can stalk you as well.
I don't know what the future has in store for me. I am changed forever by my experience, and wherever I go, it will never be the same anyway. I shall be more wary in the future though, and less trusting of other people.
I wish you all the best in whatever new job you find yourself at. You will be better off leaving than staying in a negative environment.

I'm Finally Leaving; Taking Back Your Life
by: Mark Bello

We often associate bullying with school-aged children, but your post is a good example that bullying can also happen to adults in the workplace. Workplace bullying is a serious problem that affects the bottom line through increased turnover, absenteeism, and decreased commitment and performance. It is important for employers to encourage growth in their employees, appreciate employee’s strengths while helping them with their weaknesses, and create a work environment where employees want to come to work. Only then will businesses and its employees thrive. Isn’t it time businesses put as much importance on stopping bullying as they do on improve employees health through exercise and better eating habits? Isn’t an employee’s emotional state of mind equally important?

Further Reply I'm Finally Leaving
by: Anonymous

I agree with Mark that workplace bullying and harassment are bad for everybody. You would think employers would understand its affect on profit. It seems that people still feel that 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me'. Unfortunately bullying does hurt.
I experienced it at work. I now have my own law firm and have made it very clear to my staff, that bullying will not be tolerated. There will be instant dismissal for the bully.
I try to be a good employer, I'm not always sure that I succeed. My view is that harmonious workplace where everyone is respectful of the other creates a positive atmosphere where we all strive for the best for ourselves and the Clients.
I don't worry about the time clock. They can come to work late. As long as they're in by 10.00am I'm happy. Nothing much happens in law before 10.00am usually. I am more interested in getting the tasks done than worrying about clocking on and off. If they finish early they can go home early, or as my young administrative assistant does, complete study tasks and assignments. I believe in professional development and pay for seminars etc.
My firm sponsors a programme for young disadvantaged people who have come into contact with the criminal justice system and also experienced bullying. We are having a Gala Dinner soon and all my staff are going to it with me. I also encourage them to attend at the programme centre to see the kids, so that they feel a part of the programme.
My attitude to employment was forged by my bullying experiences and continually try to do my best. My staff have to help me though.
I encourage them to talk to me about any concerns. No concerns have been brought to my attention.
However, I agree with the other respondents, a happy healthy friendly workplace built on trust and respect for others is what we should all strive for. Where this is not happening and your health is suffering, raise your concerns, document what is happening. If no support is given, whilst there may be legal redress, my advice is to take back your life and leave. If they don't appreciate you it's their loss.
I hope I haven't bored you all with this long response.
I genuinely wish everyone all the best and let's keep up the fight for decency in the workplace.
Let me know how you're getting on.

by: Anonymous

Yes; when we give it all we can to get along peacefully; and our peace is not returned to us; then the option is leave. Do not look back.

So we picked a bad one. Find out why. Learn how to ask better questions at the interview as to learn the ethics of a business. If the business ethic is big profits only without some form of assuring workers (management or worker) they have a future at XYZ company because........

the firm offers to pay for education related to job

the firm will provide annual reviews to all

the firm rewards for merit (not just a cut in the same mold raise each year)

the firm appreciates effort to assist them with putting forth product or servce and provides benefits (note the word is benefit for working for them and that they don't have to; or at least they never used to have to)

If one has went through the educational process in pursuit of working a certain vocation or profession so as to work in firm that appreciates; there should never be any who bully to get you out.

If you have to learn by doing; and you have to work in a smaller or mid size firm to gain the knowledge and experience; then endure it for the cause you are working for Experience; and at first opportunity; give notice.

Some environments understand your reason for taking the job but won't say it outright. After all, you might wind up staying 25 years. Don't feel guilt, if you leave in 2 or 3 years; they will get over it. Business folk never take it

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