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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Increasingly Isolated

by Sarah

I am on the end of a slander campaign by one or two people in my community. This is related to my previous entries on the supermarket mobbing I have experienced.

I cannot be sure what is being said but I am completely sure it is malicious in nature.

Some people who were once friendly with me, quite suddenly, overnight, stop talking to me. The postman who used to be so friendly, suddenly acts as if he wants to avoid me and now looks at me with suspicion. However, there is no indication, yet, that my mail has been tampered with. A few other people seem to be acting in the same way or they seem wary in some way.

I am/used to be a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme run in our area. The couple who signed me up last year would send me daily e mail updates on the crime situation in our area. These e mails stopped suddenly on 30th November 2010. I have received no more since. Of course I cannot be sure whether or not someone has said something detrimental about me to these two people.

I emailed them the other day. I am still waiting for a reply.

My local Thursday newspaper has stopped arriving. Again I am not sure why, since it depends on whether anyone is distributing it. I shall find out, and if they are distributing it still, I will ask them kindly if they can post it through our door once again.

I do not know what is going on, but I wondered if there could be an attempt by someone to isolate me. If so this is a nasty crime. However, I can find nothing so far in the way of WRITTEN defamatory comments, so I cannot approach a solicitor. The sheer lack of evidence makes this almost impossible to prove. I shall keep posting on here and writing updates because it is all I can do at present.

IF it is defamation this person is committing an offence as far as I know.

What I am sure about, is that they seem to be very clever at influencing people and getting them to believe everything that might be said.

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