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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Insurance Policy Processor

by Nancy

I have been harassed at work for 2 years and 3 months, starting in earnest when I called in sick the day after a week's vacation (I really was sick). I also coincidentally reported a possible work injury around the same time. A supervisor (not mine) implied in front of the whole company that I had lied about being sick.

Soon after, my supervisor and some co-workers started following me to the ladies room twice daily. There were many other things that happened, such as rumors spread that I was a liar, a slacker, and finally, a nasty antisocial person (their surveillance led me to concentrate only on my work out of fear).

I got lots of nasty comments and looks, people not speaking to me, ridicule, etc. No one spoke to me directly about the charges against me; when I asked my supervisor, she denied everything. After 14 months, I asked to transfer to a different unit, and told the manager that I was being followed around (which he already knew). They moved me to a different unit for a couple of months, but people from the old unit continued to harass me there. Then they moved me back to the bad unit, to consolidate units.

At first it seemed to be better, but before too long the following and surveilling returned. And my tormentors started to manufacture more "crimes" I committed, for example they kept track of who I said hello to (and overlooked), and if I missed someone, the next day none of them would answer my hello. Lately they even turn their heads away when they pass me, but then tell everyone that I was the one who did not speak to them.

My supervisor "twists" things I say into offensive remarks. All this has increased lately because one impartial manager left the work area, and they can behave more freely. I have heard them joke about it, that they are working on "fixing the problem." They are trying to get me fired now by saying that I am a nasty person, etc., since their campaigns to call me a liar and slacker failed.

I am afraid that I will be fired soon, even though my recent performance review was "usually exceeds expectations" in terms of productivity and quality. I refuse to let them cause me to "lose it" by telling them off, but it has taken a toll on my mental health, in fear and anger. These people are crazy!

They continue to say that I am a slacker, even after all the king's horses and men have surveilled me for 27 months and come up empty. They use cloak-and-dagger tactics, even though if they had asked me I could have produced a doctor's note saying that I had been sick during my vacation. I am afraid to do anything or say anything to anyone, for fear of making it worse for me, but I've reached the point where something needs to be done. I just don't know what that is.

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by: Linda Guirey

That is such an awful example of mobbing and collusion. Clearly you have several options but it does depend on your health, strength and what you are prepared to do, plus whether you have documented evidence and witnesses of this behaviour. Saving things like emails, getting colleagues who support you to agree to document incidents - this all helps if you are going to fight this workplace bullying and seek redress.

Alternatively you prioritise your health and wellbeing and leave for greener pastures. Sometimes that is the only option and best option for many.

Not alone
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
It sounds like you are experiencing the same behaviour I have experienced. I submitted a formal complaint which compounded the problem and produced more bullying behaviour. I have taken it to the top, and am hoping for some accountability. If it doesn't work, I will be contacting the news papers! It has impacted my health and wellbeing. I have anxiety and depression and a complete change in my personality- not the bubbly extrovert I used to be.

Good luck to you! I hope that you are able to find peace from your experience.

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