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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Intermittent Explosive Disorder

These toxic coworkers may not be bi-polar but rather have "Intermittent explosive disorder"

Keep a journal of the episodes and be sure to write down the TIME of DAY, DATE, any witnesses who were present, the location of where the episode took place, and what was said by the other person. This documentation is critical and your proof of what has happened and will make you more credible. Categorize the events as: bullying, harassment, etc.

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By Mayo Clinic Staff

Explosive eruptions, usually lasting less than 30 minutes, often result in verbal assaults, injuries and the deliberate destruction of property. These episodes may occur in clusters or be separated by weeks or months of nonaggression. In between explosive outbursts, the person may be irritable, impulsive, aggressive or angry.

Aggressive episodes may be preceded or accompanied by:

Increased energy
Racing thoughts
Chest tightness
Feeling of pressure in the head
Depression, fatigue or relief may occur after the episode.

Hope this helps!

Comments for Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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explosive disorder
by: Anonymous

Concisely put...anyone with aggressiveness, irritability, and all the other symptoms... is someone NOT happy with themselves. Not at peace.

Maturity of one's own self and the ability for virtue of self control; VIRTUOUS aka 'fruit' of the Spirit) brings about a good WAY that brings happy relating to anyone. (ANY OTHER just as 'non perfect' but striving adult person seeking to preserve the 'bond of peace' by SELF control and understanding life on planet earth is not going to be perfect always.

Those who cannot curb aggression or confuse aggression aka BOSSY with being a LEADER are not mature.

The meek inherit the earth...MEEKNESS is not weakness. Assert when needed to those who want to 'boss' around (except at work where one ENDURES 'the boss') Assert firmly when some want to just BOSS ... ASSERT our obedience, our care, our knowledge of a situation, our understanding of 'this bossy one' ...nothing puts a 'bossy' one n their place better than asking them specific questions (which shows our knowledge) Engage the aggressive one in conversation and do it subtly...without a raise in voice. PRAISE 'EM...first ENGAGE 'em to share what they know thru questions, SOOTHE their ego ..and you TAMED the P.E.S.T.

P raise, E engage, S-oothe their ego forgetting one's own (which brings us to want to push back) T ame the aggressive person.

Bullies Go Away
by: Anonymous

This doesn't sound like a bully but sounds like someone who has been bullied. Also, like if it was written by a bully with a tag team. Unless you have the credentials to diagnose, your help is not needed.

right to advise
by: Anonymous #1

To the person who felt need to 'put down' me; calling my words bad diagnosis and not qualified and I should not.... I say that when a bullying website is open to all comments; all comments can be written. It is for those reading to either accept or reject and in self control; leave it at that.

I do not need degree to speak from experiences of 'nasty persons' and how to deal with them.

I WON'T come down to your level of intimidating words to try to make me quiet.

This site is not about who gives professional advice; it is about sharing from experiences had and for reader to form their own answer for their situation based on 'their situation' taking in all other words of experience.

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