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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Is This Bullying Of A Teacher?

by Teacher

Is this bullying? I am a resource special education teacher that works in three different classrooms. The first classroom contains very nice and welcoming teacher and aide. I feel very comfortable around them and have good conversations back and forth.

The second classroom is so so. The teacher is somewhat civil. I constantly ask her for input (are you happy with what I'm doing with your students?) and she gives me honest input. The aide is nice some days, other days not. She is in her upper 50s (both of them are). Yesterday she got mad that the teacher met with me and she slammed the door shut very hard numerous times in front of the kids, snapped at us (the teacher asked for her input on discipline and she said snottily "it's not my job"). She sat passive aggressively and watched the classroom unravel without her help. She and another adult were talking and she said "Let them both deal with this class".

The third classroom is a nightmare. The teacher and aide constantly talk about me behind my back (and no, I'm not being paranoid, I've heard them). The female teacher is young and bubbly so everyone thinks she is oh no cute but she is nice to my face then talks about me. She was going around saying things such as I'm not doing my job, why can't I just do this and that snottily, but then when I confront her it's a dumbfounded look. I asked her if she was happy with what I am doing, she said yes. The aide does not like me so she makes comments and looks at me "boy, I can't stand this room anymore!" and when I say hi to her everyday she just gives me a dirty look and does not say hi back. I honestly almost throw up in my mouth when I go to this class. I have lost seven pounds in the last month, and I started to avoid the teacher's lounge and eat in my room.

I do my job as what is expected, principal never complains, and I can't afford to quit. I am tenured.

Any input is welcome.

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Bullies r Wack
by: Lexz Pryde

Dont let them get to you! It's their problem! Not your! Take the high road and continue to to your job with joy! Don't let their negative energy concern you, and thing will get better for you.

Message to All:
Like a snowflake NO two people are alike so lets learn to embrace the beauty in being different!

If anyone is being a victim of bullying please know there is help! Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem! and remember "10 years from now it wont matter the shoes you wore or the friends you had what will matter is the person you become!"

logon to lexzpryde.com today to download my song 'Perfect Creation' and help spread the word!
Thanks, Lexz

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