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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Is This Bullying?

The risk manager at work is planning to "scare" a vendor whom she believes said something "untrue" about one of our employees. She is going to scare him by calling him pretending to be an attorney with a lawsuit against him for slander. Is this bullying? At the very least, it's combating a possible lie with a lie.

This person is a classic bully in my opinion. She is rewarded by management with promotions and raises although the rest of us are afraid of her. One of the first things I heard about her when I started working there about a year ago was to watch out for her, not to trust her, that she would throw anyone under a bus to save her own hide. All of that has proven true. Last year, I discovered a situation where she had clearly not been doing her job and it was impacting my job. I handled it with her directly and did not involve anyone else. From that point on, I have had difficulties with her. Her failure to do her job was known by the CEO and put the organization at risk. She got promoted from manager to director, got a raise and won "Manager of the Year" for 2009. As the risk manager, her bullying may help the organization to pay less in settlements. That's the only reason I can imagine she would be of value.

No matter how simple a misunderstanding, she will turn it into an opportunity to be aggressive towards people: the principal at her children's school, a secretary, a colleague. And she brags about it to anyone who's willing to listen. She seems to take pride in being a bully.

I deliberately resigned from my director position, am working part time in a much lesser role, and started graduate school full time so that I can get out of there. It was a sacrifice but I am feeling much better now that I don't cross paths with her, but I am still concerned about her making some attempt to mess with me.

What make these kind of people tick? I think she's a psychopath.

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Is it bullying?
by: Linda Guirey

Well, this lady certainly sounds like she has issues. Whether it's bullying or a toxic personality, I am unsure. If she clearly targets individuals, uses repeated unwanted behaviour that is also unwarranted - then she sure is a bully.

Sometimes we have people in our workforce who don't really fit that definition, but have toxic personalities that affect the whole organisation.

It seems to me that whether she is a bully, or toxic personality - if the senior management are going to turn a blind eye to this - then you run out of options yourself.

It's not until we all stand up against this sort of behaviour, will be actually be achieving anything. Policies, zero tolerance and reinforcement of what we will and won't accept in the workplace are good starting points.

Linda Guirey
The 'Marbles Expert'

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