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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

It Is Just a Facade

by Ailen

I'm currently working for a well known corporation who presents themselves as protector leaders in today's financial markets. It's all a facade. This is a corporation that comprised of bullies and mobbers. I'm close to my early retirement and suddenly my job performance is substandard. I've put in several years of good work with this workplace, until this new manager came in. I knew this manager from a friend who told me of his drugs/alcohol abuse. This manager was even incarcerated for DUI charges.

I'm still hanging in there and finding my options to fight this work epidemic that is supported by management and the HR department. Like the people who posted their bullying experiences here, I don't feel alone now.

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by: Anonymous

No, you certainly are not alone. Sometimes I wish we could just all talk and meet in person, to cheer and encourage each other onward through the frogs... The more we can educate the public about bullying and mobbing, and help them learn to identify it, the more we can help bring much needed change that will make our lives more peaceful and fulfilling.

Faking The "Goody 2-Shoes" Image ...
by: No Name Girl

I too work for an organization (in the banking / financial industry) that has a long history for being a "good corporate citizen". Most of it was true - BUT - over the past 4 - 5 years a lot of that has changed. I have been mobbed, harassed and bullied at work and I know of a number of other staff members who had been treated the same way. It's really sad when a company that was so good from the roots up becomes a slick, hollow, unhelathy, fake public relations machine. Not really real anymore - but WOW you would never know it by the cutsey, folksey ads and cheezy catch lines ... all wrapped up in smooth language delivered by good looking spokes people. Reading your story I wondered if perhaps the global crisis had something to do with the bullying that seems to be rampant in the financial services industry? I am sure I (a number of others) were targeted because some of the weaker bullies up the food chain were told to "thin out the heard" and there was no way that they were going to keep the "competition" (stronger, capable, committed - long term employees) around. In tough times seems you need to "hide in a weak team" in order to keep your job. Not for me. I want out and am going to completely leave the industry. I'm going back to school and I hope to take my talents and passions elsewhere .... very soon. Since you are close to retirement - you need to try to hang in there. Focus on the things in your life that are good, like the people you love - who love you too. Put your job into perspective and give it only what you have to to "survive". Thereafter - it's YOU time. Good luck and let us know how you make out!

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