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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

It Seems To Be A Pattern

by Karen
(Phoenix, AZ)

Last Thursday, I was disturbed by my boss's response when she found out that a new employee had stopped by my desk and screamed at me.

This employee is new (2 months) and already has a reputation of being unable to work with others. She frequently throws temper tantrums and can be heard down hallways yelling. Several employees and I have tried to answer her questions and help her. But she refuses to listen to us tell her what to do.

My boss sat there and and said that we had to be able to work together as a team. That Decision Support has a reputation for not being able to work as a team. We had a bad reputation.

My boss told me that she has "documented" it (on my record).

There are many incidents, not just with this manager, but also the previous one. I have to go, my child is calling me.

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Re: It Seems...
by: Anonymous

Anytime you hear the phrase "must be able to work in a team environment" It really means you must tolerate all kinds of people including the personality type you have just described.

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