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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

It Sounds 'Super Sensitive' But...

by Anonymous NJ

I am Anonymous, NJ... and if anyone has been reading my articles; I try to give help based on my own personal observations of workplaces in the late 90's thru 21st Century. Those who read my articles, might also sense I am a person of faith in God. (a word not mentioned in workplaces openly these days)

I am neither pro business nor pro employee but pro fairness. I know business management 'has smarts' or they wouldn't be in management positions. (be it small, medium, or large corporation) One difficulty with small and mid size managers; they only manage 'work flow' as they above them direct them to. These are not managers of people. Most average firms are not going to spend the dollars to 'manage people' and get cooperation amidst all bodies. Upper execs of a firm are primarily concerned with 'control of' rather than cooperative (in my opinion).

So... assume this going in. Business owners today want only a sense of 'control' over those they hire. For the eight hours you WORK FOR them; forget all personal ideologies for the most part, all personal opinions, and your likes or dislikes. Never speak of your preferences in social ideas, politics, whether you are a meat eater or vegan even. Business, unfortunately, see's the worker as just another tool or machine like their computers. A worker can never show any form of 'feeling' or 'emotion' (sounds harsh, but that is as I observe for the most part) This is how workers stay with a firm. Oh... some general feeling is permitted, smile and be happy and say good morning or good evening, shed a tear if general sad story is told directly: ie: so and so in dept A passed yesterday. But no opinions good or bad of person.

Be aware of this: many times a management person might say something like "you are offensive" (never stating why) Step back from self to hear 'the spirit' in those words and respond in spirit. (their spirit is upset, your spirit is innocent yet wanting to help them) Step away from a natural tendency to defend your good name and 'see their need' (tough one) "I am so sorry you are feeling upset with something I've done to you... certainly it is not my deliberate aim to do such, can you elaborate as to what the difficulty is you have and I will certainly work at not being offensive." COMMUNICATE and don't fall into their trap of making you defend self or feel guilty. STAY innocent.

Note also; as many times as 'they' find 'us' offensive; they are also quick to say "you need a thick skin." (this is stated because 'we' the good, try to defend ourselves to these constant gripers) *it's funny because if 'they' had a thicker skin 'they' would overlook petty things that they find offensive. They can't overlook, because in today's work environment we are dealing with adolescent 'spoiled' souls who are unhappy with themselves and unhappy with everyone around them. They don't know God. (that is a given)

It's 'a cross' we must bear and offer up... for (name an intention to ourselves) and this one's way is easier to bear. (if it's unbearable and unreasonable and they might someday falsely accuse so as to ruin your hard earned reputation; there is no option but to leave the firm, job in hand or not)

When more do such... FAIRNESS in work will come back.

Comments for It Sounds 'Super Sensitive' But...

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comment on super sensitive
by: AnonymousNJ

I am commenting on my own article. Our workplace authority; no longer sets the expectations 'up front' to every worker (exec to little guy on an hourly wage) They 'expect' worker to know 'they are a worker' / fine; for the most part we do.

We used to have an authority we could respect for enabling our good work efforts, showing by example what they expect of us workers, ie: they spoke 'to' us, they communicated direction clearly, they enabled TRUST in them to develop.

My observation is that most middle management are just 'a worker with a title' and they don't see their responsibility to the Common
Go(o)d. Authority in the middle only acts on orders from the top, without having the ability to explain an order or take an order and adapt it to individual conditions. You will do it because I said so... is poor authority management. Be assured this type of authority is SUPER sensitive to 'a mere worker' who questions something and will take offense to such question (Today's authority have a 'god like' (small g) manner. Waving a finger at lowly peon; THEY BOOM: ARE YOU QUESTIONING ME? HOW DARE YOU...YOU GO AND DO IT AS I TOLD YOU ... NOW OR ELSE. (and mistakes start to happen on the floor) Good Authority of flesh are open to ideas, knowing they may have missed something.

Our authority are as 'thin skinned' as the worker they say must have a 'thick skin' / a do as I say not do as I do. ...and upper management is effectively saying 'there is a double standard of what we call good'

Let me quote the good book here: Romans 13:1-7
-- Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God's wrath but also for the sake of conscience. ...

* as ADULT workers, we must be servants 'to God'
and whether external authority be good or bad, for the sake of conscience and THE SPIRIT we honor, we act to serve the authority that is within us, the good authority who guided US always; no matter how our authority in flesh acts towards us. God gives us bad
leaders that we 'show them' who don't know God -what God's spirit is. /Teach by our questions to them if that's all we can do, ask "did you mean that I should do bla bla, because I find when I do it as you say...this is the result." ...this allows them to save face as they 'investigate' (call upper management) Who cares who gets credit if COMMON GOOD comes to be. We work for a reward as yet un-seen.

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