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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

It's Happening All Over Again

by Jennifer
(Newnan, GA)

I was bullied severely as a child. I went to a catholic school and you know the rest...

My son is currently enrolled at a Montessori School. He's being physically and emotionally bullied by a specific boy who is the "cool kid" and has decided that my son is not. It's been found out that it's because WE (myself (mom), dad and grammy) are overweight. My ex-husband and his mother are morbidly obese, I'm just chunky. But apparently that's unacceptable to these kids and it's creating a situation where my son is getting abused. He is not fat at all. He's skinny as a rail.

This "cool kid" gets all the other kids to not like my son and emotionally and physically abuse him.

We've gone to the teacher and the head mistress about our concerns. The physical abuse has stopped but he's still being emotionally abused.

My heart hurts so bad. I don't know what to do. I see my childhood come back to me AND I'm not going to sit here and just let it happen like my parents did. (I don't blame them, they were young and didn't know, plus it was the 80s).

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