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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

It's Not Worth It

I've been employed at a Big Box Co for about 2 yrs. It's certainly not my dream job (a filler 'til something better comes along) which I'm in the process of doing now. Anyway, I've had bad vibes and experiences right from the getgo but had no idea how truly vicious an environment it could be.

So here's a few examples of how I've been targeted thus far.

As I said, it was rotten right from the beginning. 1st day a supervisor verbally ripped my head off for apparently getting in the way. Yep. I was asked to shadow a seasoned employee (just to get a feel of the place) and when she messed up I got the blame!!! What a welcoming!

Next day I was finally in my hired Dept. The manager was militant, rude and not overly friendly. That's OK because I was there to work, however, I soon noticed she was trying to get me to do managerial duties, basically... her work! I wasn't trying to be difficult, I was hired to perform certain tasks, just not her tasks... which I left alone. She was not happy.

As time went on I noticed different managers in my area were all trying to throw their weight around. All had huge ego's and would take turns treating newbies like crap. I actually saw one manager wink to one of her cronies (as they were both leaving) then loudly boast about all the work she left in her dept for me.

It wasn't only managers who were problematic. One older employee befriended me early on. Took me under her wing so to speak. She seemed very kind, helpful etc but once I was there for awhile (not to boast but I'm a pretty hard worker, reliable etc) she changed. As soon as I'd get on the floor she'd start insulting me (in a joking sort of way) in front of my co workers. This went on for awhile until one day while struggling with my switchboard phone she came over, smacked my arm then grabbed the phone out of my hand, so she could do it right. Well, I told her to never hit my arm again and she better watch her mouth because she was really starting to cross the line with her remarks... ex asking if I slept with the boss because I had xmas eve off. Sorry, I don't find stuff like that funny especially since I'm married.

Lastly, a new Dept Manager came on the scene. She is a noted bully who likes to push everyone's buttons. I had a few run-in's with her but nothing too serious. That is until she asked if I'd like to cover some of her shifts. I declined and one night while on the floor working she sneaked up behind me and scared the living daylights out of me. I told her not to do that because I was trying to work. Well, another evening she did the same thing. Again, I told her to stop and proceeded to ask if she had nothing better to do. She backed off for awhile but a few nights later while assisting a customer she walked passed me and smacked my arm, hard! It was so premeditated. I was livid and excused myself from my customer, walked over and confronted her. I asked why she did that. Her response, "I just wanted to let you know I was there!!!" I told her (like I told the other psycho) to keep her hands to herself. Just recently she came within earshot and started banging 2 rods together. When I ignored her she banged them louder just to see if I'd respond. Clearly, this woman is mentally unstable and was reported on before. But guess what? Nothing was done. Her BFF shoved a young employee into a heavy rack. Again, no response. Which is why there's no point in reporting any of this torment because HR doesn't take any of it serious. In fact, my last boss laughed such claims off.

So there you have it. It's either sink or swim I guess. If I don't find a new job soon I'll have to quit. I've had enough!

Being Bullied at Work? What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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Reply 'It's Not Worth It'
by: Anonymous

That is appalling behaviour. I'd go to the Police and file a complaint for assault. I'll bet Management will take it seriously then.
You don't get paid enough to be assaulted. Read my earlier posting about Documenting the abuse for advice on what to do. If there is video footage the Police will seize it and you'll be ok from that point of view. Unfortunately, you will probably then be targetted for more bullying.
You can either sue for workplace harrassment and stay. I would leave. Start looking for another job and when you have one, sue them.
Hope this helps you.
I'm absolutely appalled at how you are being treated.

Thank You
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for your response and advice. I really appreciate it.

You're right about everything! I'll definetly look into filing a complaint to the Police probably after I quit or find a new job. This woman is a holy terror and was reported on before, confidentially btw . Instead of keeping her mouth shut and curbing her behaviour she confronted the employee - making her life miserable. Which is why I confronted her on my own THINKING it would suffice. It didn't. This woman thrives, eats and sleeps trouble. She lives for it and continues to get away with it. Why? Well, since I started I've observed a troubling trend amoungst some of the long term, oldest employees, sadly ALL female. And that is... physical abuse, such as smacking other employees in their arms, verbal, emotional etc. As I said previously, upper management laughs this stuff off. It's a big joke. Recently, a dept manager threw an object at another employee (at a desk) to get her attention. I'm literally disgusted and sickened to even walk through the doors. Which brings me back to your advice about filing a Police report... perhaps that's what's needed to wake this hell hole of a place up!!

Just the other night I attended a meeting. The young Manager who conducted this meeting is a quiet young man but effective when speaking. At one point he swayed from his business report and cited a personal, sorta dorky story. The story was funny, we all laughed until one of the Dept Managers pushed him in the arm (mocking him & almost knocking him over) not once but 3 times. The 3rd time this young fellow looked at her with pure hatred. It was appalling. Here you have a manager getting bullied by a staff member? Seriously? Unbelievable. If management is getting bullied how the hec is the lowly employee supposed to battle these phsycopaths? I've never seen such abhorent, toxic behviour in a workplace in all my life.

In closing, I'm giving myself a short timetable to get out of there. If I don't find a new job by then, so be it. I'll quit.

Anyway, thanks again for your support.

My heart goes out to all who are suffering this hell. It's not right.

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