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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Janitorial Maintenance

by Fear Giving It

I've been bullied for about 6 years. My little part time job requires me to clean public buildings, such as community, city hall, department of public works, police and fire departments. Where I have earned the trust of all but one… my bully is a senior police officer, a lieutenant at that.

Who is going to listen to me, when you have a man of the law doing the tormenting? One website says to report it to the police… yeah right. Then prove it. And how do I commute around town with him after me? I can't leave my house.

I've been embarrassed, humiliated, belittled, and scrutinized in front of many persons within the office. I’ve been screamed at in front of people for simply straightening a blind, touching a car key, stepping in or out a door wrong, opening a garage door, cleaning a sink area, making noise, accused of reading confidential information, asking for the required key release signature from him and him shoving the book back at me. I wax a floor and he deliberately drags his black boot across it to scuff it, he has even walked right through the middle of a room of wet wax deliberately. He’s urinated on the floor thinking I was going to have to clean it up. Constantly urinates on top of the urinal. I’ve been called stupid in front of a group of people, he's stalked me, driving past my house 5-6 times a shift… he’s even tried many times to have me fired for reasons I have never gotten to the bottom of.

He hasn’t accomplished his goal, therefore I remain his target of choice. Now he has gotten to where he is using the ‘mobbing’ technique using a corrupted PD secretary to assist him with his evil attempts.

His last attempt was so devastating, he pushed to places in my mind I have never been. I was about to snap. I finally found a website bullyonline.org that virtually saved my sanity, my life. Finally after loosing 25 pounds, suffering severe depression anxiety, post traumatic stress, can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t think straight, family life suffering… I got some answers and I learned it’s him, not me after all. It changed my life to have it all spelled out in front of me, I wasn’t alone. It’s happens to other people. He is a true bully, and sorry to say a police officer in our small community.

He bullies everyone around him to some degree. I've heard him swear revenge through the children of his victim. I've heard him laugh at persons situations. I've seen him ruin people for his own personal reasons. I've seen him open Good Fellow envelopes and say, oh this guy can afford to give more. What doesn’t help is the fact that his wife is on our city council and is almost a clone of his way of life.

What I have read is that ultimately it will be me that will totally fall victim, he will eventually prevail in his goal of being rid of me one way or another.

I still work in the same areas as him, I have to. However I was told he has received a warning from the Chief of Police, Mayor and the city attorney. He hasn’t spoken words to me in about a year, so maybe he really did. I certainly don’t initiate conversation with him. He acts like I’m not there.

However, this is where the mobbing comes in, he now has tools he uses to get me. Last week I was actually accused of stealing urinal cakes! By a coworker, the secretary's sister the alternate cleaning person. I have my connections in the city hall, and found it was his secretary that emailed my boss telling him this and requesting I be fired. However, it was my boss that ordered them out of the building. I had the rest of them in transit to the main office. I disposed of them in the presence of the administrator and the chief of police for confirmation of the fact. It was almost a joke at that point, we actually laughed at the ill attempt.

So it goes on. I walk on eggshells everyday that I work there wondering what I will do next to start him up again, not that he ever quits targeting me. He hasn’t in 6 years. I have never spilled my guts like this, in fear of him finding out and catching humor off of it, or finding a way to use it to get me fired.

Fired isn't something that will come from the city administrator, mayor or chief of police. They know me and the situation at hand.

Heck, if I was to be fired I would hope it would be for something I did, rather than something I was accused of and not done. The police chief, in talking it over with him as he was retiring, says for me to come in and do my job to the best of my ability. And at the end of a day if I can say I did my job and earned my pay, I did what I was supposed to. He has learned there is no way to make 'that guy' happy, he never could either and he too always had problems with him as well and he's a miserable SOB.

My job isn’t my bread and butter. It’s close to home, what I like to do, it fills my day and gives me pocket money. I can’t see quitting the job, because then he succeeds. At the same time, I can hardly stand to be there. I’m in a spot that stresses me to the max and I just don’t know what to do.


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Washington, US
by: Sandra

Does he still drive by your house? If so, then you can video tape him doing so. That is stalking. Other than that, there's not much you can do except keep notes of dates, times, names, what was said/done, etc until an anti-bullying policy comes into the US.

I really hate crooked cops!!!!

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