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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Jealous Area Supervisor!

by Amy

Started working for this company in June 2011, it was all good at first enjoyed working there, left the job I had as weekend staff in a great company to start in this one full time.

After a couple of months, a girl I worked with the same age as me was made a manager which wasn't a problem until she got extremely bossy, of course this was her job to be my boss, but when she became extremely obnoxious and angry, she said she was having problems outside of work, but does that mean it is okay to scream, shout and swear at me and my other colleagues.

Another member of staff put a complaint in about this girl, were nothing was done about it she was just labelled a trouble maker for complaining, this then made me feel really awkward about putting a complaint in myself, I decided to put a complaint in when after my holiday I came back and was working with this girl and a new member of staff I only met this day, the manager (the girl) started being strange, she told this boy to go on my till, even though its not allowed 'cause if he made a mistake on his first day it would be my fault and in my name, then she mocked me for not knowing how to do something on the computer tills, by saying I was thick, then she persisted to laugh and joke at my expense.

When I went on my break she put a sign on my till saying that I "stink" which made me really unhappy when I got back to work. I then decided it was time to make a complaint, which I did, nothing really happened about my complaint, we both got moved out of the shop and put in different ones, she was put around the corner from where she lives an I was put miles away from were I live, I lost my holidays I had booked and I also had to work 12 hour shifts without a break that I didn't sign up for so therefore I feel I lost out because I made a complaint.

The new shop was okay that I moved to apart from the fact I had to pay for 2 buses to get to work and 2 buses or a taxi home between half 9 and 10 pm and couldn't really afford it. I carried on with work and enjoyed the new shop, there was a boy there that kept asking me what customers I would have sex with and if I would do it for money, this was a joke between us at first until he started to pressure me for answers, when I told him to stop he wouldn't and then got other people to join in and ask me, he went as far as to ring other shops and get them to ring and ask me. I felt really uncomfortable but didn't make a formal complaint as I didn't want to look like a trouble maker so I asked for a move to a different shop closer to home, which I could afford to get to.

When the company bought another company and put the word out that there was going to be move arounds within the staff, I asked if I could move. I gave them options of shops I would go to that would be easy to get to, they moved me to a shop that was further away from the other shop, when I started in the new shop I introduced myself to the new manager who then said I've heard a few things about you. I was intrigued to know what he had heard so I asked him. He then told me that my area supervisor had informed him that I will cause a lot of trouble there and that I am forever wearing short skirts that are more like a belt. this information has gotten around the staff and now wherever I go I'm always going to be labelled the "slag" that wears shorts skirts.

I don't know what to do as I don't feel comfortable going to work. I'm having night terrors were I wake up crying and screaming because I am stressed out, the person that I am meant to go to for support and help is spreading rumours about me, and I will now never get a fresh start in this company... someone please give me advise?

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Reply Jealous Area Supervisor
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for you and appreciate your situation. You've done all you can. Look for another job and leave.
Once you've left you'll feel better.
Then you can see someone who can help you with legal recourse if you want to go down that path. Personally, I would just leave.
Don't waste your energy on people who don't care about you and are happy to spread hurtful gossip.
See your Doctor for help. You need a little help right now to help you get some sleep.
Good luck.

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