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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Joy And Peace

by Lizzy from NJ

JOY AND PEACE!! JOY; by dictionary definition is: great pleasure and happiness.

I have been ousted from a few places of employ after MANY years of service first. 6.5 years, 4.5 years, 2 years and 9 months. They in charge have no real reason to give, it comes after the repeated emotion pinching by 'one' in a department. Especially when I am 'the worker' and there are 2 with the 'titles' aka administration. Dare I speak 'a word' at any point... It would have been 'the end' sooner than the lengths of time it did go to. But years working matters not; not in this new 'secular' culture of moral subjectivity and moral relativism. i.e.: no authentic rules; all rules subject to interpretation of 'the moment' by 'the person' as a situation will benefit 'they who are with the authority title'

My JOY is that ...while they ousted me quite a few years ago; I couldn't move on because justice was not just. I've recently been working freelance; a few little jobs where I can JUST WORK. And there is my joy...back. I just want to work, be of help, without the 'rat race' office politics of micro managers who need to feel their power by wagging their 'authoritarian' finger in my face (without any cause) The work environments of liberals (aka immature) who do not want 'rules' it would mean they must live by a 'code of standard behavior' that 'they know not' / if everything 'hangs loose' they who sport the title can keep everyone off balance (til they figure out what it is they really believe... and since they don't believe much of what good is; be assured; working with liberals... you will always be told something different day to day.) This uncertainty day in and day out for 17 years of 30 (since the 90s) wears a soul down. STABILITY is Godly. FLIP FLOPPING with every new idea, gimmick, wave of what's 'in' is... Secular. STABILITY helps everyone. Stable leaders live by standards. (AND are more 'free' than the liberals who let anything go (tolerate tolerate)... letting anything 'be'... they get nowhere. (they don't learn, they don't listen to others, they are arrogant, they are pushy (part of their personality they grew) They see their pushy ways as LEADERSHIP to those WEAK (not meek) WEAK slow pokes who take their time ...COME ON COME ON... get it DONE... NOW!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!! (no listening to the one who is doing and what has to be done to do something; just GET IT DONE... OR ELSE... then they threaten loss of a job)

Face it folks... a quiet person has to use their intellect at all times in dealing with certain persons. If we must work with such, if they do sport a title... STAY AS FAR from them as possible. Answer ONLY when they ask. If they yell... take it all with a grain of salt. THEY are not filled with JOY or PEACE... they are anxiety ridden, by their own ways of feeling they must put forth a certain persona to 'remain in control' FOR THEMSELVES. (ie: they don't trust God) When they scream in your face... show absolutely no emotion. Do what they want because they are in charge; take their ways 'from whence it comes' (they are IGNORANT... even if they have a college degree) Nothing ... I mean NOTHING... will ever please them... do not try. Keep your own goals in life 'to yourself' ... ENDURE this one and PRAY for this one... BUT don't don't don't take ANYTHING they rant ... with any personal affront. IT is not you.

And someday; for just 'being' out there... someday; you will be given the chance to JUST WORK quietly... freelance or one to one in a small business, or own your own business. and YOUR JOY will BE THERE TOO. For having ENDURED AND PRAYED FOR and TRUSTED 'this other side of life' TO GOD'S CARE. (you prayed for them) If they do hear... GREAT if not... KEEP ON GOING... FEEL THE JOY of DOING IT 'AS WE SHOULD DO IT'

To those who understand all this ... it is by THE SPIRIT OF LIFE and to those who don't understand; don't worry about it. The faithful will be praying for you.


Being Bullied at Work?
What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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