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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Just Leave My 13 Year Old Son Alone Already!

by Dan
(Bel Air, Md.)

My son is 13. Very nice respectable kid and just as any other 13 year old kid can get on your nerves from time to time. At 13, he has a small build, is shorter in statue, loves socialization and is not the aggressive type. During elementary school, our next door neighbor moved in to the house and they had a kid my son's age. They became friends and being that we were both police officers it made perfect sense that they would be great neighbors.

As the kid made other friends, my son became to get messed with by this kid. He would go around telling the other boys they played with that my son was weird and not to play with him. Being the social butterfly that he is, that really upset him. They got into middle school and now the verbal abuse became the occasional pushing and shoving, the constant mocking and now soliciting others to do the same either mainly on the school bus.

When my kid would complain to the school, the other kids would make statements that my kid initiated the incidents and of course nothing was done. But the one day that my son successfully stands up for himself with another kid in school, he got suspended for a day.

First day of school while riding the bus, the neighbor's kid and friend tell my son to get out of their seat. My son and his friend refused and one of them sat on their lap. As my son exited the bus the boy next door attempted to trip him and everyone laughed. He came home upset and told me about it. In distress I saw the kid as he walked in font of our house and said hey DR#@ keep your hands of my son. He yells out shut up and leave me alone. I lost it and told my son in the loudest voice possible so their parents would hear, the only way this is going to stop is if you brake his %^$&*^ nose. Draw blood and I guarantee that all this will stop. That is the way I came up going to inner city school.

After cooling down, I decided on going to the school and making a complaint. Of course nothing happens. Yesterday as I sat in my porch steps and happened to glance at him as he exited the house, he tells me photos last longer. Oh how I wish I was 13 again... In previous years I have spoken to the parents with no resolution. I think I will talk to the father once again, but I really do not know what to expect or how this is all going to come to be resolved.

It's a shame that I know how to resolve everyone else's problems but can't come to resolve with this situation. I'm to the point were I feel helpless. As if every avenue I've tried has produced negative results. I refuse for my son to become a victim of anyone's personal frustrations. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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