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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Just Shut Down

I have been at the same company for five years and I really don't know how I hung on so long.

My first manager was fired for not doing his job, and the woman who trained me went to another department (there are only two collectors and a manager).

Well, a woman that worked there before came back after leaving for three months and the previous collection manager took over. This woman never did any collecting of delinquent bills and I was lacking in knowledge of the banking industry. My co-worker is very strong willed and says things out of context. (My mom calls her the green eyed monster because she thinks she is jealous of me).

I am the type of person who asks a lot of questions and if something comes up that someone else is doing, I want to learn as well.

I made the mistake of telling this co-worker a confidential piece of information. (The fact that I take antidepressants.) I trust people too much. First she told me she was sick of babysitting me while I try to learn my job and then we had a customer that had a delinquent loan and was saying that things were bad for him right now due to depression. My co-worker said in a loud voice that maybe I should talk to him since we have so much in common! We have a small office. I was humiliated.

After that it just got worse. I have low self esteem to begin with but she drug me so far down, I went to 2 weeks of outpatient therapy to try to get myself together and not...

This co-worker would print every tiny piece of information I forgot to input into the system. She would print them all out and give them to my manager (who is friends with this coworker). I found mistakes that she made but never said a word. I would be accused of trying to get back at her.

I even went as far as to change my work schedule so I wouldn't have to work with her as much.

She took one friend I had and turned her against me and now I sit in an office with her and three of her friends who whisper and gossip about me.

I went to my manager and the CFO when I had my yearly review and told them everything. They said they wished I would have come to them sooner with my issues. Nothing was accomplished and to my knowledge she was not reprimanded.

I'm going to cut this short and tell you what happened in the last 2 weeks. When my co-worker wants to get a rise out of me she will come over to my cubicle instead of emailing. Well, she came over to me on a Friday when my boss was out and proceeded in her smart ass way to give me the information. Well, I didn't take her shit and gave her a pretty smart attitude... She went to my boss on Monday with what happened. I was called in (the 3 of us) and my manager asked what happened and I just shrugged my shoulders. MY CO-WORKER wanted an apology.

It took everything I had not to laugh. My boss told her to leave and my manager proceeded to rip me a new one. She told me she needed to think and told me to leave.

Two days later my boss came to me and asked if I had time to think and I just looked at her. I asked her where are my apologies? She said that is in the past. I said so I am supposed to suck it up and then apologize to her? My manager would not let me state my side of the story and ever since then it is my co-worker and my manager making my life hell. So, I figured I would just shut down. I would do my job and be polite and help anyone that needs help, but that's it.

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