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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Kid And His Mom Accuse My Brother Of Bullying

by JK

I'm not exactly a mother but I got the description. I'm in year 8 and arguably the smartest kid in school. My brother and a group of friends were accused by the mother of another boy in his class of threatening to hit him with a stick if he didn't fight another boy. 6 of them were called to the VPs office. They all explained what really happened which was nothing. The kid, who I know, is a cry-baby kind of guy. Not a really innocent harmless guy. He makes a big fuss of everything, a mountain out of a molehill, and does the same thing.

After school, we encountered them on the way out, and she audibly said that he and another boy were bullying others. (Note: I am in the debating team) I walked up to her, and told her VERY politely that an eyewitness confirmed that there was no such incident, and that her son was exaggerating. I said this, as coldly and polite as possible. When she came up with, 'it's a conspiracy' I asked her: are we dealing with criminals who know how to lie and keep to a story? Or year 5 kids. I warned her to stop this, or we would file a lawsuit. I came back home, and did a little internet search. I have EVERY right to sue her. Anyone else, who has this problem, here's my advice:

1.Tell your child to IGNORE THE OTHER

2. If we got ourselves a helicopter parent here, state coldly, politely and professionally that their kid is a liar, bugger off or well get the police.

3. Still continues? Get written statements from all witnesses, compile them, and show that parent. Tell them that they are in the wrong, and that this is the last straw. Any other hostility will be immediately rebuffed by the filing of a lawsuit.

There are jerks and retards you will meet along your life. You can't do anything. Follow the steps above, and hopefully, you will be in the clear.

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Taking Responsibility
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your brother is not taking responsibility for his actions and you and your mother are what is known as a "cover" in my culture. Maybe your brother is not being honest about his behavior. It looks like you're just looking to make a quick buck with legal action.

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