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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Know From Whence It Came

by Anonymous in NJ

I've been reading the stories; and it is sad how people who call themselves adults could be so nasty and 'high school' teenager to their co workers or those they are supposedly in charge of.

But; the reality is, that IS what this is about. There are some folks out there who stopped growing (in spirit) when they were in high school. They learned the ABC's, and the algebra, and the academics of life; but they never matured!

Maturity is a spiritual understanding of life on this earth where one knows and understands that we are all in need of God. God who is love. Yes, to see the big picture. Life is short and 'the fleshly body' does not last forever.

Basically, bullies are still living for cars, a few bucks in the pocket, fashions, and 'cool.' They live to be part of 'the crowd of cool others.' They need a crowd, to bolster their fragile esteem. Bullies are insecure persons who do not know how to find the happiness and peace they see in their target.

In the school years, ignoring usually worked. Real teens did get tired of bullying if the reaction didn't come. But in the 'adult' world they now dwell in (but not too well) MONEY is important to the bullies status. They are insecure and they will NOT let up til 'they have their world' all to themselves and those like them. We of spirit cannot fight them back (it goes against the one we honor and bullies know this down deep; that's why they target us) They couldn't go head to head with real dialogue or communication.

At first start of a job; it might work to put selves out first in the talk; whether just a worker or one in authority. Start with one person; who looks 'cool' and the 'leader.' Ask a question (an easy one) so they look important, reassure their fragile esteem in some way. Notice the family photos on desk and state what BEAUTIFUL children; are they yours? (don't guess; they can use anything dumb against you) If they are their children; state "I thought so, this girl/boy he / she looks just like you." What grade is he /she in? Use this to state that you have children, they are a handful to handle sometimes (ahhh this allows for bully to not be afraid that they can't handle if they see the one they are secretly fearing has problem. Ask your co worker another easy question: how did you handle your son/daughter's (something easy) You are establishing a bond, showing this one respect for something GOOD in them. Don't be shy or afraid. (show you are just like them)

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