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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Know 'The Game'

by LIzzy

COMPLAINERS / GRIPERS! … it starts out as innocent and somewhat harmless; a little 'complaining' of something that could have been better…

BUT … be wary of 'the underlying motive' of GRIPERS.

They very well may want to wear you down… or bring you down TO SEE EVERYTHING wrong with 'this place of employ' (when in reality…IT'S YOUR PERFECT JOB)

DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!! If it is RIGHT for you…it is MEANT for you.

Remember; if things were 'as bad' as gripers griped over they would have been outta the place long before you arrived.

The complainers motive just might be to get you off balance; not feel so sure of yourself (especially if they gripe over EVERY word you speak) They are insecure and they don't like competence and or contented souls.

Don't be a complainer and AVOID complainers (find out about your job, your firm, YOURSELF thru YOUR experiences and DO NOT LISTEN to third parties who have ulterior motives. Evaluate your firm (at home yourself every 3 months)

Then; rather than be a griper… be a SOLUTION finder (positive).

Oh and to deal with gripers; who usually gripe not for the 'surface problem' but something within them that is DEEP… treat them as you would a child who whines. Praise them (they need it) encourage them to 'do good' … yes yes give them ideas of how to be good, and TEACH THEM. Gripers gripe out of ignorance but they don't know they are ignorant… MAKE SURE you MAKE EVERYTHING you do involving them CRYSTAL CLEAR so they can't say "I didn't know' … 'no one told me' or can say "I assumed" / when you spell out EXACTLY every last detail… they are CONTENT… it's hard work… but you will have cut the complainer back significantly.

Eventually… complainer may come to like you and STOP griping.


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