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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Landlady's Grandson Engages In Bullying Tactics

by Violet
(Marysville, PA)

Hello, My landlady's grandson engages in bullying tactics on an ongoing basis. It would take an entire novel to provide examples as there are many. I've informed the landlady that I will no longer be contacting him, talking to him, or having anything to do with him due to this behavior.

She confided that he treats her in this manner as well. She has ignored him, walked into her trailer and closed the door. This is what I will be doing as well.

IF he attempts to engage in conversation; I will repeat the statement I gave to her. The internet, hot lines, adult anti-bullying support groups, counseling, good friends have proved invaluable in this endeavor as well as others.

I'm still feeling triggered, anxious, victimized, depressed, crying, etc... It's like my thoughts are running a mile a minute with nowhere to go. My best ally is faith that God is in charge. I give the matter to Him.

I ask for support, prayers, affirmation re.. decisions. Thank you for reading this, Violet <3

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