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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Lets Make An Example Of This Company

by Allen Fuesting
(Antioch, Il)

I worked at a place for 13 years and in the last 7 or so I've endured and witnessed name calling, racism, sexual harassment, groping, womanizing and even some light battery. The man that is the initiator is the warehouse manager.

The straw that finally broke my back was my manager came up from behind me held my arms down and thrusted his groin into my buttocks and pushed so hard I had to take a step to prevent from falling. I and another employee decided it was time to report this and we did.

Then the company fired us. Since then 7 others have come forward and the company is trying to protect this and a few other managers. We are suing but the company thinks they can't be touched. They have tried buying a few of us off to keep quiet, but it's not working we need to be loud now. Can anyone help us out by making this into the public eye?

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