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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Mad Boss

by Cindy
(NSW, Australia)

I've just downloaded the E-book and hoping it will help because I am at the end of my rope.

I work for a female boss who is French. I understand that being a woman in a male dominated environment may be difficult. I understand that being of a different culture may make it hard to fit into a different environment. Where I work however is extremely multicultural and we now have several other French people in the department now who are new to Australia who have no problem being civil.

I undergo on a daily basis my boss yelling, screaming, throwing things, belittling me (and others) and people coming to me who are also suffering because of her. She is very clever though and only does it to certain people. People who are in authority see a different persona. I am not sure if this is bullying per se because she is horrible to a lot of people. Not just me. I am the one who works the closest to her however so I cop it the most.

I have applied for several jobs but the competition is fierce.

I have reported it to HR but HR are puppets of management and they do nothing. They would prefer that I just leave I am sure. I've been doing my job in many organisations for 30 years and have always had a good rapport with my bosses (all have been very high CEO level or senior executive).

I have lost my confidence, my health is failing. Now I am suffering depression and just started antidepressants.

I have cut most of my friends off and have just cut off my sister. She has her own issues and I just can't cope with anything else at the moment. I recently broke up with my boyfriend because I just don't want to go out or have a physical relationship. The first thing I do is drink as soon as I get home to try and numb myself from this nightmare.

How on earth it has got to this point I will never know.

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oh my dear friend....
by: Kansas Rose

I wish I had quick answers for you. All I can do is share the 45 years I have endured of small town bullying and mobbing. And it continues today but with a slightly different tone as more citizens are waking up to what I have endured while they watched in silent denial. These elected bullying officials have literally destroyed our very rare historic town to show the world they could get rid of me while they did their illegal, corrupt activities in city hall and county. But they could not get rid of me. It took years to understand how they had made me their Red Herring to target when money was being laundered, tons of drugs were being trafficked, etc.

So how do I hope with such a horrendous problem? It has not been easy until the past year or so when when I started talking openly to the citizens about how I have documented the corrupt activities since 1968 and it is all safely preserved and secured in my private Special Collections at a major Kansas university. Then I began to have an upper hand. Now when they pull a stunt I laugh and say cheerfully, "Oh thank you! Now there's more to document about you for future generations." The looks on their faces are priceless.

If I had resources these people could be sued for years of conspiracy but since I cant do that, the documentation has been a powerful tool. I wish I had thought about this when I first started the collection in the early 1970s upon the advice of the visionary professor who came to me and told me to "save everything". He saw the depth of the corruption and how they were using me decades before I could accept it.

As I go into the twilight years of my life I think about my endurance a lot. I knew I was not doing wrong and that what I was doing was for the benefit of an entire community and for generations to come. I slowly began to realize there are a lot of ignorant, greedy psychopaths who ooze the charm needed to garner the votes to take control. Truth and substance becomes the enemy with a naive populace. But now that I am fighting back it is changing the picture.

Even if you can't find a university to take your documentation at this time, please do it anyway and keep it in a very safe place, perhaps a bank vault. Inform the person in charge of your estate of how it must be preserved as I've seen a lot of naive family members throw away valuable information.

I believe that if every bullied person in the world stood up and "got into the face" of the bully and told them they are being documented and recorded for future generations, it will force a lot of them to quiet down. I know they have no conscience or remorse, but they do have huge egos.

I hope my experience for 45 years can help others and the day will come when it will be a shame to be a bully.

Mad Boss Response from Lawyer
by: Anonymous


I suggest you go to your Union if you have one and ask them for their help. Another approach which will get you results quicker is to go to the Police and apply for a Restraining Order preventing her from assaulting you. Throwing things at you is an assault. If you are afraid to go to work, that is not appropriate. Getting so ill that you are now drinking and losing your friendships is a sign that the abuse has affected you.

You should also go to your Doctor and tell him or her why you are depressed. This will constitute objective evidence that the abuse has caused you to suffer injury.

Yet another approach is to seek legal advice. Union representatives are usually not Lawyers and so cannot give you robust legal advice. You have legal rights. Hopefully your co-workers will support you. If not I hope you have documented their reports to you and kept a copy as those records will be important to support you. Ask to be reassigned to another section of your organisation.

A legal approach is the better option as the result will be immediate. If you are not prepared to do anything I have suggested, then with respect you either have to reconcile that you will be in a toxic environment that will eventually render you incapable of working, or by doing nothing give tacit approval to the bully, because a bully is definitely what this person is. I know my comments will seem harsh to you, but I have seen this type of event many many times. You have to stand up to the bully.

I wish you all the best. Let us know how you get on.

You are not alone!
by: Anonymous

First, she is a bully! Second, put down the alcohol-it is not the solution, although I understand why you might desire a drink! Third, read the e book- it will help! No one can tell you what is the right thing for you to do, only you can make that decision. I have endured my bully boss for almost 13 years and it has now gotten to the point that I will be leaving. Unfortunately, I have had the same experiences as many others-management seems to support the bully. The sad part is that I am also management-just not as high up. I have learned to document, document, document and carry myself as dignified as possible. Once my pension is approved, I will be working on clearing my name through whatever channels are necessary. I am hoping that my professional demeanor in response to her irrational behavior will help me accomplish this. Make a plan, know that you can not rationalize irrational behavior, and keep your chin up! This too, shall pass! :)

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