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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Management Bully Has Taken Away A Major Part Of Me

by Sharona

Can someone out there help me I have been dealing with my demons of workplace bullying? This has gone on for a long time but I can not get on with my life as I knew it before this happened. I think of what happened all the time can not be myself and want to know If there are other adults that have been through this bad place I am in.

I can not get a job. I am scared to mix with others in the workplace or talk to others if I did get a job. I doubt myself so much my abilities to do things just being me.

I feel a major part of me has been taken away by a person that did not know what their actions caused to me.

Can anyone out there tell me if there is a support group for others like me that have been bullied by management.

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