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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Manager Mobbed At Work

I have been mobbed at work, I manage a department. I took a leave of four weeks, upon my return, I have a a formal letter of invite to attend HR. My staff along with my deputies went up high accusing me of anomalies, inconsistencies with my decisions, unfairness with duty rota. Upon my return from leave, not one of my deputies spoke to me of their accusation. Any advice?

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mobbed manager
by: Anonymous

My advice is 'stay cool, calm, and collected.' If there is nothing of truth to the accusations don't even flinch. How long were you a manager? Why do you, yourself, think this happened? I suspect that you are questioning whether your staff and deputies accused or if HR is only trying to make you believe the staff under your control said such things. If they are stating accusations by 'staff' or 'deputies', you are within rights to ask the who said it. If they have a name it's only right you know it.

Don't go to the speaker. Just IGNORE IT. (yes; ignore it) if there's no truth there's no fear) And if you show no emotion; and HR hasn't reprimanded by asking you to leave firm, then there's nothing more to say. You still have your job, who cares if so and so said anything, and by continuing as is (which is probably good) HR can't terminate.

Do NOTHING. At home, keep a journal of each day date, place time of anything unusual in work day. keep it at home and tell no one of writing it. If further accusations come, present your journal by reading from it...for the dates they speak otherwise. Stay and work and keep smiling. I suspect they might just want you to quit, if
unbearable do so. Meanwhile, look for another job quietly. (even part time) When it's received, give notice and walk...with a smile.

If you suspect they want to make your work day miserable and for you to fail. Give notice in writing to HR and walk out on your own. It's
easier to get another job this way then to explain you were terminated.

Get a lawyer
by: SennThemDoneThat

Chin up Mobbed Manager - they probably have someone they want to replace you. If they have then you are not suffering from bullying. In my opinion, you are suffering from the actions of corrupt colleagues and those actions are probably being sanctioned by a corrupt organisation. There's a big difference. Get a lawyer.

This is exactly what happened to me
by: Anonymous

I returned from a month's leave. While I was away the person I left to cover for me first resigned as I kind of knew she was planning anyway and then she proceeded to collect letters from previous disgruntled staff members and deliver them to the Executive Director. I was told about the letters, there was 2 day investigation, (I was not given any opportunity to speak to the ridiculous accusations) and then told that it was no longer profitable for me to be in that role any longer. At the time they weren't sure where I would be placed however the decision was made!
The whole place is corrupt. I have hired a lawyer however I have already spent $4500 and I am not sure I have the right person. Does anyone know of a good labour lawyer in Ontario?

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