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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Manager Told Lies During An HR Meeting

by Amanda

I started at this company 6 years ago. It is a family run business and was bought over by a Swedish company who have high family values. I worked for an amazing boss and then the company relocated, and our division was moved to another section. The new boss micro managed me to the point I started to get very ill and could not shake my illness and was hospitalized.

I wanted to lay a grievance but the HR manager that was there swept it under the carpet and said I had no leg to stand on. I since then moved to another department and changed my career.

I had a wonderful boss, she left and I got a new boss he was lovely and supportive as well. He moved to another division and as we were short-staffed in the Marketing Department, they employed a Brand Manager new to the company, as my boss a young thing of 27.

She was as sweet as pie a lovely girl, she then left and moved to another department, then it started, she started to micro manage me. Any suggestions I made was told no we can't do that it is not right for the company. I had also run the ideas past another Manager higher than her and they thought it was great and I should pursue it, I did not say she rejected it just left it because I don't want her angry as she is very aggressive to me behind closed doors when we have meetings. When I need her help on something she is always too busy and tells me to send it to her she will look at it and comment. This is not right as I need her there to explain her thoughts and I need to explain mine so we are on the same page she refuses and then comments back to the agency behind my back and I lose that contact. She speaks over me in meetings, she talks about my project and does not allow me to speak about them in front of people she talks over me. I did have a disagreement with her the other day and challenged her as was making out that my piece that I wrote was not good enough, I tried telling her that it was actually not mine and the PR agency had written it, but because she speaks over me and does not listen to me I had to raise my voice to to get her attention.

I caught her out the other day. I mentioned something about a project that is going ahead. This project is not even in existence, she then shut me up and spoke about it as if she new everything, I felt embarrassed for her and I know it was wrong I just needed to prove a point that she is a control freak.

I also think she does not like me. I also have asked HR for a meeting with her. That did not go well. She lied about me in front of my face. She mentioned things that were not true; some I can prove and some I can't. I am a soft hearted person and very emotional. I said that in the meeting with HR and she harped on it. I cried and walked out as I could not sit there and listen to the lies anymore. I don't know what to do. I have to go back in with HR and her and finish the conversation. I can't believe that someone can lie to cover their backside.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Comments for Manager Told Lies During An HR Meeting

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Re; lies told
by: Sarah

I have no intention of being sexist in any way, but I have seen loads of posts on these forums where many of the 'psychopaths' and bullies seem to be female.
Perhaps some women are more cut out for competitive corporate culture more than most of us could ever have dreamed of!
In any case, the female bullies seem every bit as ruthless and unpleasant as their male counterparts when it comes to picking on someone.
That being said, I hope you will find an answer to your problem with this person.
Sometimes it's better just to leave and find another job, but of course who wants to walk away from a job in our present economic situation.
I wish you all the best in your search anyhow.

Bullies are liars
by: Sonya

One thing to remember is that Bullies always do lie, when confronted. It shouldnt be surprising really, but if you are an honest person yourself it does come as a shock when the bully blatantly lies their head of.

In my experience bullies are generally convincing liars to other people. They know they have done wrong otherwise why not tell the truth. But I think it is more than just not wanting to get into trouble. The Bully just cannot accept they can be in the wrong and will convince themselves they are telling the truth, even though they also know they're not.

My bully screamed out in the tribunal to me, "you're a liar, you're a liar" although I continually caught her out in lies. She just was not able to accept any wrong on her part at all, and to this day still sees herself as the victim.

They lie. Expect them to, and try to ensure you have evidence to back up what you're saying, otherwise you may find the tables are turned and you are presented as bully.

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