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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Meat Plant Rife With Abuse, Racism and Violence

(Warrnambool Vic Australia)

I worked at a meat works called name removed for a long time all of the bosses there pick on one person or another, but the two big bosses, father and son are the worst there. The son abuses people on the floors in front of everyone screaming, calling them names and swearing at people. The father takes bonuses every chance he gets. I lost my bonus till further notice for a tap being on that I needed on to wash my hands to do my job properly.

If you're sick, even with a doctor certificate, they take your bonuses and if the father does not like you he will make you line up like a casual again when you're full time. I can't find anyway to report with them finding out who I am. I'm not the only one who they do it too. I want to help my friends that are still there because they are treated like robots and its their way or the highway.

A friend of mine was fired because he hit someone that threatened him with a knife. The man with the knife still has his job because his chines 2 people got the sack for fighting one time 2 chines boys got in a fight in the lunch room one got smashed in the face with a coffee cup and needed stitches and they both still have their jobs.

We were always told racism would not be tolerated but the discriminate against people that can speak English how is that fair and one time when the father was yelling at a dark colored man that had not long started he called him a black fuck and I have had that many run-ins with him I cant recount them all. But every time it was over something silly like when I first came back and lined up after have my baby they had been advertising for skilled knife hands on the local radio and he told me he does not want the likes of me there.

I don't know if this is classed as bulling or not. Maybe you can tell me and tell me how to help my friends still stuck working for people with the power to treat people how the like...

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Get out of the meat business
by: Anonymous

Whenever you hear about being bullied at the workplace, the response usually is to get out of that environment and find a new job - easier said than done, especially when you are in Australia as this writer is.

However, the meat industry is an exception. There are few jobs that are as low-paying, dangerous, dirty, stinky, and cold. Meat plants don't have windows and workers that start in the morning and end in the late afternoon see very little daylight. It is a job done by the living dead working with death.

This is why the meat industry is populated mostly by ex-convicts, illegal aliens, and school drop-outs. It is tough, dangerous work for low pay and people that take those jobs usually have few options.

Unless you simply cannot find any work anywhere else in the world, why on earth would you stay at a meat plant that abuses you verbally, emotionally, and financially on top of all the other drawbacks of working in the meat industry?

The work conditions of a meat plant by itself causes depression even at the best managed plants. Find something else to do somewhere else. Problem solved.

by: Anonymous

I find the above post very judgmental, arrogant & insulting. I don't live in Australia, but I have worked in (low skilled) occupations all my life.

The Darwinism theory implies here I think! The problem I have always had, is that I have the disadvantage of having a anxiety disorder & depression, linked to bullying at school. Research results prove, this causes individuals to have a problem with remembering & retaining information within short term memory. Obviously this affected me immensely during my school days & examinations. Even thou I studied many (more) hours, than the average person does per subject, yet failed miserably!

I consider myself to be (no down & out) & have never taken drugs, alcohol or convicted of criminal activity! Yet arrogance is everywhere you go, do you think I enjoy working in some dead end minimum wage job, set by the government in the UK. No! I don't, I would love to earn a survivable wage, to be able live a decent life the average citizen does. Yet, if it wasn't for the low skilled workers worldwide, who would put food on your table, if every stuck up arrogant academic refused to taking jobs below them.

My original job was in a food factory within the hygiene department. Low skilled to some people, but extremely important for the factory health & safety protocols. By this I mean, if one of our customers came down to look for another large order, in this case ASDA supermarket. They have the power to shut the factory down, if infection or contamination is found within the production lines. Meaning, everyone would (lose)their jobs, including the arrogant tradesmen, who used to take the mickey out of our department. By saying "you must be brain dead doing that job."

So please think more, before you make judgmental remarks about what people do.

Low skilled jobs and the meat industry
by: Anonymous

I wrote the response to which you took offense. Of course, I didn't mean to offend or demean low-skilled workers.

I know the meat industry well. In my opinion, my comments are spot on.

The meat industry is one of the worst industries of all - cold, bloody, stinky, low-pay, dangerous and dark. If you add to this the bullying that was described by the writer of the original post, that workplace would be hell on earth; very nearly a scene from Dante's Inferno.

No matter what your reasons for working manual or low-skilled jobs, there are few people really so trapped by life's circumstances that they have to work at a meat company AND take bullying from the management.

Let's face it, when you are in a situation like that, almost any job is a step up.

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